Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Annie Lennox

This week, we honor classic beauty, Annie Lennox.

Both a musical and political powerhouse, Lennox is known for both her legendary songs, as well as her views on feminism and human right advocacy. The star rose to stardom during the 1980's, thanks to the now classic song "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). The Scottish born star became a household British name and an international sensation as part of the group known as the Eurythmics.

Rocking a short cropped cut, bold eye makeup and a man's suit, Lennox sparked buzz and controversy based on her style. She was one of the first women to really depict herself androgynously. "It was about power and politics," Lennox said of her look in an interview. "It was about saying: 'I'm the same as him' [Dave Stewart, her Eurythmics co-star and former partner]. I'm a female but I have a masculine side and I'm not going to negate that part of myself."

Annie's look is unique in that it drew the public in and without the typical sexualized cliches. Looking back on her time in the spotlight in comparison to the new stars of the day, Lennox acknowledged the stark contrast. "The world has become more sexualized," the icon said. "I thought the world was already sexualized when I was younger but it sells and sells and now it's just a marketing device."

"The display of sexuality is part of our nature but I think when it becomes a cliché and that's the only thing you are using to draw people's attention it becomes one-dimensional."

Political messages aside, Annie Lennox is just plain cool. Her short-hair-don't care vibe is super chic and so timeless, the star has worn it practically forever and it's still current. What really makes the look for the Sweet Dreams video so eye-catching is Annie's orange hair. The fiery 'do proves that a vibrant hair color will amp up any look. Her hair hue aside, Lennox rocks an everyday makeup look that's super easy to recreate. Lines eyes, thinly arched brows, shimmery shadows, and a soft pink lip color were all this star needed to wow the world. 

Check out the legend singing the song that brought her international stardom and let us know what you think of her look with a note below!

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