This week, in honor of Halloween, we've decided to pay homage to Vampira as our Thursday Throwback.

The original glamour ghoul, this dark and mysterious diva was a popular personality during the 1950's, hosting a late night comedic horror show. The star behind the persona was Finland born Maila Nurmi. The actress had appeared in a few productions and theater performances, but it was a costume party that really got her noticed.

Maila created the Vampira persona for a masquerade ball and won the grand prize. Her costume caught the attention of a TV exec who gave her the late night hosting gig. While the show only had one truly successful season, Vampira inspired fan clubs around the world, appeared in tons of publications, and was even nominated for an Emmy.

The Vampira look is unmistakable. Pale skin, raven hair, curvaceous black clothes, dark lips, and super arched brows personify this spooky style. Need a last minute Halloween look for tonight? Well here's now to get it.

Skin should pale, so opt for a foundation a couple shades lighter than your own for that scary skin vibe. Set your foundation with a complimentary powder. Skip the vibrant blush and hollow cheeks out with a dark contouring shade for a sunken in and creepy appeal.

The key to this look is nailing the brows. Apply a glue stick over your own to lay your real eyebrows down. Add concealer and foundation on top to create a blank canvas for your Vampira pair, arching them high with a dramatic black so they stand out.

Lips should go as dark as you dare to take them, landing somewhere between wine, oxblood, or black shades of lipstick. Opt to paint nails a dark shade, or purchase a set of hokey fake talons from your local costume shop for a more authentic look. Add a long black and flowing wig to your costume, and you've channeled Vampira with perfection.

Check out the fun clip of the star below, along with a cool tutorial to help you achieve those signature brows. Let us know what you think with a note below! Happy Halloween!