In the market for a new, fun and fabulous wig? Whether you're in need of one for a Halloween costume this week, or simply looking for you're latest 'do, we've got advice from expert Ricardo Rojas on how to choose and style this must-have crown accessory. Read on for his professional tips to help you select the best set of tresses. Click through the slideshow for a little celebrity wig inspiration too.

So Ricardo, why do you think wigs are so trendy to try these days?

Wigs are becoming more and more popular, and I love styling them for my clients.  There is something about them - almost like having a "hair affair," where they can be one of the most glamorous and fun things to own! 

We couldn't agree more! So how do we go about choosing the right kind of wig?

Before choosing the wig that works best for you, I would suggest going to your salon for a consultation. I personally sit with all of my clients at my Atelier and find out what wig color they're interested in choosing, whether they want to change the texture, add highlights, or color.  I then can best recommend the right hair shop to go for the client's hair type.

What type of texture and length works best when choosing a wig?

You really should try to buy a wig made of human hair.  This is very important, as you want to achieve the most natural look as possible. It's also very important to make sure you give the wig an incredible haircut!  You only have one shot to do this and it has to be done right. And embrace your personality.  A wig can completely change your look so you want to be sure the one you get ultimately fits you!  

We hear you recently styled Cher's blonde wig for her latest album cover, Closer to the Truth. Why'd you opt for a wig for her look?

Cher has beautiful and gorgeous long textured hair, so she doesn't need to wear anything.  However, when it comes to artists that perform a lot and have shoots that require multiple looks, I feel that wigs are the best options!

How did you go about styling it?  What was the inspiration?

For Cher's new album, I wanted to recreate her signature long waves and youthful energy with a little bit of an edge. I love the sexy, tousled Brigitte Bardot waves; so I went about styling the hair with that texture composition in mind, along with a little bit of a rock-n-roll vibe. It's Cher! She told me, "Ricardo, do your thing, I trust you!"  She loved the final look and every time I see her, I look forward to working with her again in the future.

What is the key to wearing a wig in the real world versus the runway or on an album cover?

There are a few essentials thing you must do when wearing a wig in the real world. Great color is key. When you first buy a wig, it lacks the darker roots and a border that makes it appear as if it's your own hair.  A specialist only has the ability to color, cut and style the wig hair to make it look as natural as possible. I recommend that my clients bring their wigs in at least once a month, so that I can set them up and style accordingly.  I treat them as if they're cashmere - you have to really take care of the hair. Don't style at home unless you really know what you're doing.

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