This week, we honor classic beauty, Diana Dors.

A bombshell blonde from across the pond, this British star was unmatched in notoriety during the 1950's and early 1960's. Known for her gorgeous good looks and on screen charisma, Diana Dors always left audiences captivated with her acting chops on screen, as well as with her equally popular love life off screen.

Rising to stardom during the peak of the makeup color palette explosion, Diana Dors classic look was a result of the end of World War II and the new obsession with lip and eye shade play. As tons of different makeup hues began to be offered, they only added to the natural beauty of popular cinematic goddesses.

There were many different kinds of looks during this classic period, but the Diana Dors look was all about the glam. Similar to the highly covetable look of Marilyn Monroe, Dors rocked thicker eyebrows that thinned out towards the ends. Full coverage foundation was followed up with pale pressed powder, slightly winged eyeliner, and bold lip color. Paired with brushed out pin curls that created dramatic volume, its no wonder Diana turned so many heads.

To steal Diana's swag is simple. Perfect for a fun night our or fancy occasion, go full out with your best full coverage foundation and set. Line eyes and fill brows to make them a more prominent frame for your face. Choose your favorite shade of red or vibrant pink lipstick and tease hair to voluminous heights.

Check out the fun clips of Diana in cinematic action below, along with a pin curl tutorial to nail her look and let us know what you think!