Red lips are an essential component to a woman's makeup repetoire.  The go-to shade for a head-turning, all eyes on you moment, red lipstick is classic and will never go our of style.  But while we all know red lipstick works everytime, the question remains, how do we choose which red lipstick works for us?

Luckily, we have the help of seasoned makeup pro, Frances Hathaway.  Frances has worked with nearly every major beauty brand, noted photographer, and dozens of celebrities, including  Naomi Campbell, Susan Sarandon, Jodi Foster, and Vanessa Williams.

We sat down with Hathway to learn the best ways to choose the best shade of red.  Read on to learn her professional tips and click through the slideshow to see which celebs Frances says do red best, and what red lipsticks she personally recommends.

Why should every woman own a shade of red lipstick?

Owning a red lipstick is a two-part equation.  On one hand, there is the physiologic benefit.  Red makes a woman feel bold, adventurous, and confident.  The second part of the red lipstick equation is that red visually stimulates the mind of both the wearer and the viewer.  There is nothing more chic and sophisticated than a red lip.

We couldn't agree more!  So how do we select a red lipstick that is right for us?

Well reds are divided into families.  You have the cool and bluish reds and the warm and orangy reds.  Cool/blue reds are great for blondes and fair complexions.  For example, MAC Russian Red lipstick is a great cool red.  On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have warm reds.  These reds are great for women with golden, warmer skin tones.  MAC Lady Danger, as another example, is a great warm red lipstick.  Fair skinned women should seek out cool mauve or berry tones.  Medium skin tones should look for true reds or brown-based reds.  Women with olive skin look best in fire engine reds as well as orange or yellow based reds with golden flecksDark skin beauties will find they look best in almost any shade of bright red lipstick and should look for pink fuchsia or orange poppy shades of red.

What lipstick finishes are best when choosing a shade of red?

There are matte finishes, lip stains, lip glosses and lip tints.  One of my favorites is a matte red finish because it is ultra sophisticated and long wearing.  Just make sure you apply it to a well hydrated lip.  My second favorite is a velvety textured red.  Chanel's Brilliant Rouge Allure Lipstick is a great example of this.

Are there any red lipsticks that work on every woman?

Yes.  As long as it is a pure, true red with no trace of pink, it should work on anyone. 

What makeup palette shades compliment red lipsticks best and why?

When we are talking about a cool red lipstick, a good color palette would be anything with hints of blue, mauve, and purples, all great for the eyes.  For the warm toned reds, you want to gravitate towards brown, chestnuts, beiges, and taupes.  Sticking to these palettes gives you a cohesiveness and lets your lipstick blend harmoniously with the rest of your makeup.

What celebs do you think rock red lips the best?

For me, Adele always does a great red lip.  She makes retro look modern and definitely has that 50's vibe.  Adele has breathed new life into a standard.  I would have to also say Anne Hathaway always beautiful red lipstick.  She is the modern version of Audrey Hepburn; chic, sophisticated, all mixed together with a whimsy humor.  Julianne Moore does red well, always emobodying a modern, fresh and beautiful look.  And of course Rihanna wears red unapologetically and in your face.

Any tips, tricks or application techniques you can recommend we keep in mind when it comes to red lipsticks?

There are many different ways of applying red lipstick.  The very first and most important thing to remember when wearing a red lipstick is to make sure your lips are moist and hydrated.  If you are fortunate to have full beautiful lips, then you're lucky and can apply lipstick straight from the tube if desired.  For those of us who need a little help, lip pencils are great.  Try to choose a color slightly darker than your natural lip tone.  This way you won't notice the pencil line around your lip line and you'll keep the look fresh and modern.  For a long-wearing trick, apply your lipstick with a lipstick brush, blot with a tissue, and add a very small amount of loose powder with a powder brush, shaking off any excess first.  Then reapply a second coat of lipstick, and it will stay on all day.  For that just bitten look, apply the lipstick with your index finger dapping multiple times over the fleshy bit of you lip, until perfectly blended.

What are some of your favorite red lipsticks of all time and why?

Of all time, I'd have to say MAC Russian Red.  This shade is a cult classic and is also Madonna's favorite go to.  Some newer red lipsticks that I like are Nars Jungle Red and Heat Wave, Tom Ford's Reckless, Diabolique, Narcotic, and Chanel's Brilliant Rouge Allure.

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