So we brought to you all there is to know on the idea of permanent makeup, and it looks like more and more women are opting to go underneath the needle to make their dream brows a fixture forever set to frame their faces.

Access Hollywood followed up on this beauty treatment by breaking the look down and taking the scary out of this newly popular tattoo trend. It seems the thought of barely there brows, over plucked hairs, and uneven face framers are enough to make women take the plunge and face their fears.

"This is fixable now," said skin care expert and aesthetic nurse, Jamie Sherrill, as she spoke about the eyebrows woes of women nationwide. "Think Sofia Vergara or Gisele," the expert explained. "The thicker, lower brow is what is in right now."

Medical tattoo specialist, as well as Hollywood Exes reality TV star Jessica Conseco agreed as she demonstrated and explained to "Extra" the 3D technique she uses to get the perfect eyebrows. Working on a patient right in front of the camera, Conseco described the main rule of thumb when creating the perfect brow for clients.

"The arched typically falls above the iris of the eye," Jessica noted as she created a perfect set of brows for her patient. Jessica works to mimic the natural hair strokes of the brows with a custom color mix, which is applied one stroke at a time for about 45 minutes. In about three sessions you'll have perfect brows you crave.

Of course there are always a few things to keep in mind before making such a huge beauty commitment. If you are thinking of branding your brows on your face, make sure the style you choose is more timeless and less trendy so you're never left looking out of date!

Thinking about getting your favorite brow shaped made a permanent fixture on your face? Let us know what you think of this popular trend with a note below'