This week, we honor classic beauty Iman as our Thursday Throwback.

This supermodel legend turned beauty mogul is one of the most recognizable faces within the fashion industry. The Somalia native's strikingly beautiful features of distinctive bone structure, high forehead, and gorgeously long neck graced the couture covers of Vogue and the runways of Yves Saint Laurent who even devoted an entire collection to her called "The African Queen." Later becoming a self made cosmetics success, Iman proves that brains and beauty make one legendary combination.

Iman's career started after being spotted on the streets of Nairobi by a fashion photographer. Her life as a college student quickly changed from bookworm to jet setter. For well over forty years, Iman has been the iconic face of beauty and grace. Despite her supermodel status, however, Iman realized there were still some very important things missing for her on the job while getting ready for a shoot.