This week, we honor classic beauty, Lauren Hutton.

A model muse and brand spokesperson for well over four decades, Lauren Hutton is an actress, Hollywood personality, and not to mention legednary supermodel. The 5'7 and former Playboy Club bunny helped to redefine the idea of beauty, and all with a simple smile.

As the fashion muse for many designers, Lauren is known for many looks, but it's for her fresh-faced, down home appeal she is best recognized for. Gracing the cover of American Vogue a record 26 times, Hutton is proof that there is true beauty in imperfection. Lauren's gap in her smile quickly became the supermodel's signature and not only did it not stop her on the pathway to success, it also helped to propel her popularity.

At first, Lauren's gap was seen as something that should be corrected. As a result, the young model tried all sorts of tricks to mask it. From morticians' wax to cover the gap, to a cap, which she would often swallow, laugh out, or misplace, Lauren soon realized her gap was what made her unique. Talking about the cap she often used Lauren said, "Revlon wanted me to use it all the time, and then the construction workers would yell at me in the street, 'Hey, Lauren, why did you fill in your space? We don't like you anymore!'" the model told the Huffington Post. "So I would turn and give them a great big grin and they would cheer."

Fresh-faced makeup is about as classic as you can get. Super simple, nude makeup is the key to masking any imperfections, while still letting your true complexion come through. The easiest way to nail a naturally gorgeous look? Pair your favorite BB Cream, concealer, a touch of blush, mascara, and nude lip color together and you can quickly enhance an already gorgeous you. Now just give your best smile like Lauren always does.

Check out the fun fresh-faced makeup tutorial below and let us know what 'imperfect' things make you uniquely perfect with a note below!