Naomi Campbell
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Naomi Campbell
This week we honor clasic beauty, Naomi Campbell. It can be said without pretty much without a doubt, that this iconic supermodel is not only a one-of-a-kind stunner, but also one of the best ever to walk a runway.
Kate Moss
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Kate Moss
This week, we honor classic beauty, Kate Moss. Considered a runway legend, Moss is a hall of fame supermodel of the 1990s. Considered the "anti-supermodel," this British beauty rose to fame at the age of 16 after being discovered at JFK airport upon arriving from vacation. The young teenagers lif...
Esther Williams
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Esther Williams
This week, we honor classic beauty, Esther Williams. This real life mermaid made her debut on the silver screen in a truly unique way. Known as 'aquamusicals,' Williams was a competitive swimmer turned aquatic fantasy actress that captivated audiences with her beauty and dazzling synchronized swi...
Jean Shrimpton
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Jean Shrimpton
This week we honor classic beauty, Jean Shrimpton, as our Thursday Throwback. This beauty of the 1960s was given a vast array of titles to pay homage to her gorgeous good looks. A supermodel of the era, some of the many accolades bestowed on Shrimpton include "the world's first supermodel," "worl...
Claudia Schiffer
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Claudia Schiffer
This week, we honor classic beauty Claudia Schiffer. A legendary supermodel, this queen of the catwalk rose to haute couture fame during the 1990s. Standing at 5'11, the blonde hair and blue eyes beauty originally wanted to become a lawyer, but after being spotted by a scout at a nightclub, Schif...
Ginger Rogers
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Ginger Rogers
This week we honor classic beauty, Ginger Rogers. An icon of Hollywood cinema, this legendary starlet of the silver screen is best known for her amazing dance routines that paired her talented moves with the one and only Fred Astaire. A Missouri native, Rogers would go on to star in a whopping 70...
Billie Holiday
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Billie Holiday
This week we honor classic beauty Billie Holiday. Considered to be one of the greatest jazz singers to ever live, the star's talent helped break racial barriers during the 1940's and etched this singer into music history thanks to her songs with strong social messages and her unique voice. A Phil...
Liza Minnelli
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Liza Minnelli
This week we honor classic beauty, Liza Minnelli. In honor of the 75th anniversary of the iconic film The Wizard of Oz, we had to pay homage to this dynasty of cinematic royalty and make a throwback Thursday tribute to Judy Garland's daughter. The special rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow p...
Kim Novak
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Kim Novak
This week, we honor classic beauty, Kim Novak. Considered one of the last sex goddesses of the old Hollywood era, Kim Novak was a legendary stunning blonde bombshell who graced the silver screen during the 1950's as a gorgeous pin up actress and almost instant star.
Donna Summers
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Donna Summer
This week, we honor classic beauty, Donna Summer, as our Thursday throwback. The Queen of disco, Donna Summer's iconic voice and glamorous beauty are synonymous with the legendary era of disco music during the 1970s. The Boston born beauty rose to fame for her track, Love to Love You Baby. This w...
Annie Lennox
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Annie Lennox
This week, we honor classic beauty, Annie Lennox. Both a musical and political powerhouse, Lennox is known for both her legendary songs, as well as her views on feminism and human right advocacy. The star rose to stardom during the 1980's, thanks to the now classic song "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of...
Jane Fonda
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Jane Fonda
This week we honor classic beauty, Jane Fonda. This iconic leading lady of Hollywood has had a legendary career in Tinseltown. Belonging to a prestigious acting family, this starlet is the proud owner of not one, but two Academy Awards, has starred in well over 30 films, and is the queen of healt...
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Cher
This week, we honor classic beauty, Cher. In honor of the Grammys this past weekend, we decided to pay homage to a legendary diva this week. Cher is the epitome of music and Hollywood royalty. Her career has spanned well over four decades and continues to prosper. Now at age 67, this internationa...
Betty Brosmer
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Betty Brosmer
This week, we honor classic beauty, Betty Brosmer, as our Thursday Throwback Known for her super bodacious bod, this beautiful fitness guru was a super popular pin-up girl, author, and then went on to become the co-founder of Shape Magazine. Talk about beauty and brains!
Debbie Harry
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Debbie Harry
This week, we honor classic beauty Debbie Harry as our Thursday Throwback Who can deny this blonde bombshell her place in hair and makeup history? A Jersey girl through and through, the talented singer and actress is known for her chart-topping hits with legendary band Blondie, as well as for he...
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