This week, we honor classic beauty, Esther Williams.

This real life mermaid made her debut on the silver screen in a truly unique way. Known as 'aquamusicals,' Williams was a competitive swimmer turned aquatic fantasy actress that captivated audiences with her beauty and dazzling synchronized swimming stunts during the 1940s and 1950s.

Nicknamed the "million dollar mermaid," after catching the attention of MGM talent scouts, the talented swimmer would soon help the motion picture agency to create epic water world films that always came in among the top grossing movie features for five years in a row straight.

Esther Williams made the grueling film schedule and constant retakes of her uber detailed swimming scenes look easy. To stay picture perfect, Hollywood beauty experts of the day would use warm baby oil and Vaseline to control Williams' hair, and a very thick cream makeup that helped to maintain her fresh appearance all day in the pool. "The hairpins," Williams revealed in an interview one, "were like crowbars." Ouch!

But Esther would not be thwarted by these beauty challenges. While the problems of using water-based pancake make-up often caused the need for many touch-ups, Williams was also known to be able to hold her breath under water for a long time and was affectionately dubbed "America's Mermaid."

Look to this gorgeous throwback diva when you're in need of some serious waterproof makeup inspiration. Now definitely don't add baby oil and Vaseline to your hair, but if Esther Williams can look picture perfect despite gallons of H2O, so can you. Keep that waterproof mascara, streak-free foundation, and long-lasting lip stain handy!

Check out one of Esther Williams' epic aquamusicals below and let us knows what you think with a note!