This week, we honor classic beauty, Kim Novak.

Considered one of the last sex goddesses of the old Hollywood era, Kim Novak was a legendary stunning blonde bombshell who graced the silver screen during the 1950's as a gorgeous pin up actress and almost instant star.

The Chicago native rose to fame for her roles in The French Line and The Pushover. She also became super popular and gave Marilyn Monroe a run for her money, thanks to her scintillating comments that revealed her love of going braless. This came as a delight to her many adoring male fans, but came at the dismay of director's who had to work to convince the star to opt for a little more, shall we say, support. The voluptuous starlet was an immediate sex symbol. The two often competed with racy comments that could rival any modern day it girl's press strategies.

When it came to makeup, Novak knew how to play up her amazing features. The actress rocked the beauty trends of her day, using them to accentuate her beautiful facial symmetry. The star wore her brows in a thick to thin rounded arch. Eyes were dressed in dark eyeliner and lighter shadows. And while she normally wore pastels and nude shades in terms of lip color, Novak made a red lip pop by drawing her lip liner above her natural lip line for added pouty, puckery appeal.

To steal Novak's vintage swag is easy. Make this throwback your own with a few simple beauty essentials. A flawless skin finish with your choice of foundation comes first. This look is really all about a bold, red, crimson lip color. Keep eyes simple with a winged liner and mascara, and go bold when it comes to creating a sexy pinup pout.

Check out the fun 1950's vintage makeup tutorial below and let us know what you think with a note!