This week, we honor classic beauty, Cher.

In honor of the Grammys this past weekend, we decided to pay homage to a legendary diva this week. Cher is the epitome of music and Hollywood royalty. Her career has spanned well over four decades and continues to prosper. Now at age 67, this international super star is still making headlines for both her amazing talent and her always innovative hair and makeup.

With her career running the gamut of several iconic style decades, there's no one look we can choose as our absolute favorite from Cher. Each era she has been a part of has brought us one glamorous look after another. And we of course especially loved her bombshell brunette look in the Academy Award-winning film Moonstruck. But despite her chameleon charm, it is Cher's hair that we always obsess over and love.

Sure this gorgeous goddess has been blonde and red and worn every headdress in between, but no one does brunette like Cher. Her super long tresses became part of the star's signature early on in her career and continue to be what she is most known for. But with so many appearances and performances, just how does the singer keep her hair healthy? Wigs!

"You know my hair hasn't been through anything, because wigs are such a lifesaver," Cher told Bravo TV recently. With so many costume changes during her days on Sonny and Cher, this is when the star's love affair with this ultimate protective style began. "To do all those characters, I needed to have wigs. And the one time I used my own hair...I went in to make my black hair red, which is like don't make your brown eyes blue, and it broke. It looked liked polka dotted red and black hair...I decided then never to do that again. I keep my hair, long and black," Cher explained. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Aside from Cher's hair care savvy; the ageless beauty is also known for offering up a few beauty secrets of her own via Twitter. We're sure Cher takes maintaining her looks seriously, but good genes definitely run in the family! Have you seen her 87-year old mom lately? Among Cher's tweeted tips:

On the Microfine Refinisher Gommage by MAC Cosmetics: "Pretentious name but it kicks ass! Oily Skins...Use [a] couple times a week then moisturize like hell!"

On the MAC Brow Set: "Always brush your eyebrows up a little! "Mac brow" set or old toothbrush & hairspray! Spray little on toothbrush & brush eyebrows up right away! I always do!"

Check out the Cher beauty secret clips below, along with a throwback performance and let us know what you think!