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Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Kate Moss

ByKim West
Apr 16, 2014 11:25 PM EDT

This week, we honor classic beauty, Kate Moss.

Considered a runway legend, Moss is a hall of fame supermodel of the 1990s. Considered the "anti-supermodel," this British beauty rose to fame at the age of 16 after being discovered at JFK airport upon arriving from vacation. The young teenagers life would soon take a drastic turn for stardom after a few simple black and white photos would launch her on a new iconic pathway that made her different from any other cat-walker before her.

Kate Moss stood out thanks to all the ways she contradicted what the standard supermodel profile was considered to be. Instead of being super tall and curvaceous, Kate Moss stood at a shorter 5'7 with a more waiflike shape. It was during this time that grunge and the controversial "heroine chic" look was in. Moss fit the gritty profile and epitomized the anti-glam era. Despite controversy over her weight and the racy message of some of the campaigns she covered, Kate Moss was quickly becoming fashion royalty and makeup inspiration for all.

In true anti-supermodel style, Kate's look was the exact opposite of what you would typically think of when it came to a cover girl. Helping to put the natural, nude makeup look on the map, Kate almost always looked as if she wasn't wearing any makeup at all. Her seemingly raw look allowed audiences to fully embrace the imperfections that made Kate uniquely different. Barefaced with freckles and all, the natural makeup look Kate sported proved that the notion of the word 'supermodel' could be redefined.

To achieve a naturally flawless look is all about keeping your makeup simple, keeping your formulas light, and skipping all the usual bells and whistles. Focus on creating simple base makeup that doesn't go heavier than a BB cream or light layer of liquid foundation. You cans top there, flush the cheeks lightly, and a lip color that mirrors your natural lip shade, but don't go too far! Pull yourself back and you'll have Moss makeup in no time flat.

Check out the great nude makeup look inspired by Kate Moss below and let us know what you think!

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