Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Billie Holiday

This week we honor classic beauty Billie Holiday.

Considered to be one of the greatest jazz singers to ever live, the star's talent helped break racial barriers during the 1940's and etched this singer into music history thanks to her songs with strong social messages and her unique voice. A Philadelphia native, Billie Holiday, also known as Lady Day, would battle many struggles and setbacks in her life, but leave behind an iconic image that still lives on worldwide.

A jazz goddess of the 1940's, Billie Holiday was a natural beauty and definitely a trendsetter. The makeup of the era was clean and defined. Brows were shaped with a slight arch and left to stand on their own while eyeshadows highlighted lids and creases. Lips were dressed in shades of red, made bold and beautiful. Billie's makeup aligned with the trends of the day, but it's the singer's hair that became her true signature.

And talk about a beauty blunder turned signature style swag. According to the Human Flower Project, Billie initially wore a gardenia because she was having a really bad hair day! Who would have thought?

The story goes that Billie was at a club, getting ready for a performance, when she badly burned her hair with a curling iron by mistake. Sylvia Syms, a world-renowned saloon singer knew a club down the street where the coat check girls sold flowers. The quick thinking problem solver, Sylvia is said to have went to that club and purchased a large, white gardenia for Billie to wear.

Billie is said to have pinned the flower over the burned section of her hair and went ahead and performed. Holiday realized she actually liked the look quite a bit and decided she would continue to wear flowers in her hair. The look became the star's iconic look.

Check out the fun Billie Holiday hair tutorial below and let us know what you think with a note!

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