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Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Debbie Harry

ByKim West
Jan 15, 2014 11:38 PM EST

This week, we honor classic beauty Debbie Harry as our Thursday Throwback 

Who can deny this blonde bombshell her place in hair and makeup history? A Jersey girl through and through, the talented singer and actress is known for her chart-topping hits with legendary band Blondie, as well as for her gorgeous good looks, accented with the fiercest 80s makeup.

Rising to stardom during the late 1970's, Debbie rocked the makeup styles of the era with an unmistakeable blend of edge and soft, feminine beauty. Part punk and part disco chic, Debbie blended high octane pigments of eye palette color together to create the wickedest winged out looks. Combine the 80's style applications of blush with the star's super high cheekbones, and you have the delicious diva that is Debbie Harry.

Beloved for her amazing bone structure, beautiful lips and shapely figure, Debbie has been candid on the issue of aging and how her iconic status in the public eye has caused her to try a variety of anti-aging methods to keep her looks as youthful and vibrant as possible.

"Well, I don't think any of us want to get older," Debbie told the Daily Mail. "But there are all these things out there that if you want to, you should take advantage of. Botox, surgery? I've done everything and will probably continue to do everything. I think Joan Rivers has the right idea and I think Cher looks great."

With refreshing honesty, however, the beautiful bottle-blonde admits that not everyday is a glam one. "We all try to look as good as we can, but I do have moments when I slob around," she revealed. "I don't wear make-up every day and I'll just put on some shades when I go out."

Now 68 and fabulous, Harry admits her love affair with makeup is going strong, though kept mostly for appearances. In an interview with the Telegraph, the star spilled the deets on her everyday beauty regime. "I love make-up, though I don't wear it unless I'm working," Harry explained.  "The exception is lipstick, which I wear every day. I use make-up from Edward Bess, M.A.C., and Chantecaille... Getting ready for bed means taking off my make-up; lately I've been cleansing with Goddess of Skin."

Check out the fun hair and makeup tutorials below to nail this iconic, yet easily wearable look and let us know what you think with a note below!

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