OK, so we've done a few stories on Botox and anti-aging procedures before, but this was definitely news to us.  If you think the buck for Botox stops at fine lines and wrinkles, think again.

Do you suffer from FOMO courtesy of an overactive bladder? Accidently summon the no-so-hot guy thanks to an involuntary wink? Well you should be thanking your lucky stars for Botox!  Who knew a little dose of this stuff could help other problem areas and ailments on the body? Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Vish Banthia, founder of Zendy Beauty, we have been introduced to some of the lesser known uses for this iconic injectable. Check out each of the doc's tips below and visit their website for prices on all the below treatments that beat out the average cost of the competition:

TMJ (a.k.a. temporomandibular joint syndrome): Tired of the daily grind? Teeth clenching and grinding, gum chewing, and stress can lead to TMJ disorders, which can be excruciatingly painful. With a 5-minute quick and simple treatment, Botox can relieve you from this pain without the use of any surgery, by simply having injections applied to the masseter muscle. Some patients even notice a cosmetic difference of a smoother more appealing jawline afterwards. The average price for treatment will run about $800. 

Facial Contouring: Does your face resemble a round circle or a harsh square, and not in a geometrically pleasing away? With Botox, you can now get the striking, contoured features you've been after, with higher cheekbones a slimmer jaw, and still be able to confidently say you haven't had any "work" done. This procedure is said to be very popular, as Botox injections are used in order to slim the lower jawline often. The average price for treatment will run about $960.

Vaginal Rejuvenation: Is your sex life suffering from muscles that are too tight or too weak? Botox is said to also be able to help your sex life! Studies indicate one third of American women suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction (pfd) or spasms. Physicians have now discovered that Botox can help loosen or tighten vaginal muscles to help women in the pleasure department. Treatments for this procedure vary, so be sure to discuss with your provider upon consultation regarding cost and options.

Nasal Tip Rotation (a.k.a. chemical and liquid rhinoplasty): Hate your nose, but seen one too many nose jobs gone wrong? If you're over our makeup tips on how to contour your features, you can now improve the tilt of your nose permanently (sans the shiners) with Botox! The average price for treatment will run about $80.

Overactive bladder: Tired of constant emergencies? Many people suffer from an abnormal urgency to run to the bathroom or a neurological disorder affecting the bladder. Did you know Botox can be injected into the bladder to help it relax, increasing its storage capacity? Who knew?!  The average price for treatment will run about $1600. 

Eye spasms (a.k.a. blepharospasms): Do people keep mistaking your eye spasm for an awkward wink? Well Dr. Vish Banthia tells us that Botox is now the principal treatment for eye twitching, uncontrolled blinking, and involuntary shutting of the eyelids too. And the cost is definitely worth batting an eye at. The average price for treatment will run about $200.  

Have you ever tried Botox? What was your experience? Let us know with a comment below. Be sure to visit Zendy Beauty for additional scoop on each procedure and their prices.