Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Claudia Schiffer

This week, we honor classic beauty Claudia Schiffer.

A legendary supermodel, this queen of the catwalk rose to haute couture fame during the 1990s. Standing at 5'11, the blonde hair and blue eyes beauty originally wanted to become a lawyer, but after being spotted by a scout at a nightclub, Schiffer was quickly on the cover of Elle magazine and well on her way to becoming a household name and an iconic face within the fashion world.

This gorgeous throwback may have made a name for herself, gracing over a 1000 magazine covers, but doesn't she remind you of another throwback Thursday goddess we've honored? Yes, it has been said quite often that Claudia looks a lot like the sultry French actress Brigette Bardot. With similar features and the big blonde hair Schiffer rocked in her famous Guess Jeans ad campaign, the resemblance is truly uncanny.

To get the signature look of these beauties, the secret is in smoking eyes out teasing hair to the highest if heights, and keeping the rest of your makeup as natural as possible with clean and flawless base makeup. The focus here is clearly on creating smoky, sexy bedroom eyes.

When it comes to her own beauty secrets, Claudia offers up tons. The model admits her hair isn't naturally perfect. "I've got dry hair so it's simple, I nourish the ends with hair oil or body oil," she said. "When it comes to color, apart from a special shampoo, I use a protective spray that banishes UV rays."

And when it comes to makeup, Claudia has learned a lot throughout her modeling career. One thing she doesn't swear by is foundation. "When I started modeling at 17, makeup artists were always using too much foundation. I learned you get a more natural finish by skipping foundation and applying concealer only where needed. I buy three shades and use the darkest on my cheeks and forehead, and the lightest under my eyes."

Check out the fun Claudia Schiffer eye makeup tutorial below and let us know what you think!

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