This week we honor classic beauty, Jayne Mansfield, as our Thursday Throwback.

The epitome of the blonde bombshell, this gorgeous actress was as talented as she was stunning. One of the iconic pinups of her era, Jayne Mansfield was a dream girl of Hollywood. Mansfield was also brilliant self-promoter, whose glamorous beauty and popularity continues to inspire beauty junkies and makeup mavens to this day.

Mansfield is the original queen of the wardrobe malfunction. The starlet rose to fame after strategically planning a loose top and exposed skin "mistake," while arriving to a movie premiere. The incident helped to put her on the radar of executives and put her career on the map. The star was second only to Marilyn Monroe, whose hair and makeup style was so similar, it was sometimes hard to tell the two apart.

A 1950's glamour girl, Jayne's look was all about big hair and full-faced makeup. Her brows framed her face, accented with soft blush that showcased her cheekbones. Skin was made to look flawless with light foundations and powder. For eyes, the era's trend kept shadows light and minimal. Mascara was restricted to the top lashes and lips were kept in shades of red, orange, and pink.

Speaking of pink, Jayne took this color to new self-promoting heights. Did you know the star simply adored this bright, girly shade? Mansfield loved it so much that she made it her trademark color. Jayne loved to wear pink; she drove a pink car and purchased a home that was tricked out in all things pink. She even called it "the pink palace."

To nail this look, you have to go full out. Start with a perfect base of foundation and concealer to create a beautifully even skin tone. Brows should be slightly arched and defined, with eyeshadows kept light and softly blended. Eyeliner goes feline to create a thick cat eye, and the finishing touch of mascara should never touch bottom lashes. Then pucker up with your favorite red or pink lip color. Jayne's hair was full glam too. Set your hair in pin curls; opt for a bit of teasing, mold and shape with a brush, set with hair spray, and you're now a worthy member of the modern day pinup club.

Check out the fun hair and makeup tutorials below and let us know if you're ready to try this blonde bombshell look on for size!