This week, we honor classic beauty, Jerry Hall, as our Thursday Throwback.

During the 1970's, the six-foot supermodel captivated countless runways and magazine covers with her striking blue eyes, statuesque frame and big blonde hair. A native of Texas, this gal's gorgeous good looks and likable persona would send her jet-setting across the globe with the media in hot pursuit. Her appearances in music videos, at popular nightclubs, and on the arm of legendary rocker Mick Jagger, made the stunning Jerry Hall known to everyone.

Supermodel swag comes with effortless style, confidence, and beauty. Jerry Hall embodied all the qualities that had the makings for a pop culture and fashion icon. Within only two years, the star has graced almost fifty magazine covers, including Vogue. And not the least bit work obsessed, Hall was a frequent partygoer. She once was roommates with singer Grace Jones and even danced in a few racy cabaret routines. A free spirited star, Hall was as daring and fun as her signature make up look.

Well before the airbrush craze began, Jerry's amazing cover shoots proved what you saw in person, was what you got on the page. Her long blonde hair could be seen straight or curly, accenting her chiseled face. A popular look for the glamour disco days of the time, Hall rocked the half moon eyeliner with vibrant shadows and tons of mascara to showcase her long lashes. Her go-to lip color was a super glossy red which amped up the fullness of her popular pout.

This look may be all about the 70's, but there's something about the makeup of a supermodel that makes it timeless. Jerry's look is easy to update and wear now. Let your own true beauty shine through and keep your makeup minimal evening out skin, accenting eyes in the half moon style, and choosing your favorite red lip color. Hall's daughter, Georgia Mayer Jagger, who's now a supermodel herself, even rocked a similar look on her cover for Vogue Magazine. Guess this look isn't so much a throwback after all!

Check out the fun old school ads Jerry Hall made back in the day below, and let us know what tips you'll be ripping from this runway icon with a note!