This week, we honor classic beauty Grace Jones as our Thursday Throwback.

In honor of New York Fashion Week, we pay homage to this legendary supermodel and androgynous goddess. Born in Jamaica and raised in Syracuse, New York, Jones would travel to Paris where her distinctive looks and deep chocolate complexion would bring her catwalk queen status. Grace would walk for haute couture designers like Yves Saint Laurent and grace the pages of Vogue and Elle just to name a high fashion few. The cover girl became a tastemaker of her era, appearing in several films and releasing a collection of hit songs.

An iconic star of the 1970's and 1980's, Grace Jones epitomized an era of makeup that was angled and full of eye-popping color. Her naturally high cheekbones and gorgeous skin tone made for the perfect canvas to create bold looks with vibrant shades of blue, orange, reds, and golds. Of her most famous looks is the way in which Grace applied her blush, characteristic of the era, but made much more visually stunning thanks to Jones' sculpted features that brought the angles of her makeup application and her natural good looks to life.

Wanna steal some of this high fashion swag? Get the look Grace made famous and go geometric. Create angles by playing up cheeks and eyes. Start with a smooth base and focus on highlighting your facial features with dramatic eyeliner shapes and contoured cheeks. For a subtle nod to Grace, wing out your eyeliner to the sides, extending the lines as far as you're daring to go. Use liner to draw in the outline and fill in with a high-pigment eyeshadow. Slowly begin to create a gradient, allowing the color to slowly fade as it works its way near to the brow bone.

For cheeks, hollow them out by making a fish face, applying your blush in an upward motion from the tops of your sunken-in cheeks towards the temples, 80's style. Apply a rich shade or red or berry to lips to complete the high impact look. Grace's hair was iconic as well. Her high-top fade was forward-thinking, yet timeless. If your team short hair, you're halfway there! If you're tresses are longer, you can always pin hair up, rolling the front with a foam roller to recreate Grace's voluminous flat top, along with the pompadour Grace sported as well. Jones also loved to wear hoods.  They added fierce drama to her already divalicious status. Try one on for supermodel size.

We love Grace's bold makeup look. Take her look from the catwalk to the sidewalk with the fun tutorial below. Let us know what you think and if you'll dare to rock these head turning shades.