Throwback Thursday: Classic beauty, Tsai Chin

This week we honor classic beauty, Tsai Chin.

A pioneering actress, Chin was one of the first Asian actresses to successfully penetrate Hollywood and become a notable star. Chin, also known as Irene Chow, appeared in many notable plays and films, including James Bond: You Only Live Twice.

When asked about the difficulties of being a minority actress in Hollywood, Tsai gets candid. "When I started I was kind of a pioneer, so it is up to people like me," she said to the LA Times. "Things have improved, maybe not as fast as one would have them, but one has to give credit. Still, it does depend on the more mature actors to try to cross over as much as possible."

In one of her more notable roles, Chin played a femme fatale named Ling. The star played the role of an MI6 agent that iswasassigned to handle and supervise 007's faked death in Hong-Kong. In her memorable role, Chin activates a switch on the wall, flipping the bed (with Bond in it) into an upright position into the wall. This allowed gunmen to enter and fire machine guns at the bed.

Tsai embodied the classic Bond Girl beauty of the 1960s. While the girls that make up these 20+ films all echo their era and the cultural trends of the time, every Bond girl has an allure, an edge, and most likely 007 at their side -- if only for a night.

In true 60s style, Tsai's character rocks super sexy, tousled and voluminous bed head hair. Her look is a naturally flawless, with emphasis placed on the eyes with winged out cat liner that defines the lids, and lips that are kept soft and pouty in a nude flush.

Check out the fun makeup tutorial below inspired by the Bond girls of the 1960s and let us know what you think with a note below!

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