This week we honor classic beauty, Ann Margret, as our Thursday Throwback.

A legendary actress, this starlet has played the gamut of Hollywood roles. Born in Sweden, Margret would come to the United States with her family after World War II, move to the West Coast with her singing group, and by 18, had landed a covetable singing gig with the one and only George Burns. Aside from a great voice, the talented youngster had the acting chops and gorgeous good looks to boot, helping to quickly make her an iconic sex kitten of the 1960's.

So what happens when you play a role a little too well? You become type casted. Ann Margret recalls the categories she would have to find a clever way to break out of, saying she had to go from "Little Miss Lollipop to Sexpot-Banshee." The star's role in the film Viva Las Vegas didn't help matters either, with the Ann's sex kitten status peaking in popularity, especially after rumors of the star canoodling with co-star Elvis Priestley bega to swirl.

Image concerns aside, however, Ann Margret has given us some fabulous hair and makeup inspiration. Whether blonde or ginger (we hear the same stylist who colored Lucille Ball's hair, also helped Ann to become a redhead too), the actress did sexy pinup best. Her voluminous hair, thick brows, long lashes, and soft pout would make anyone wanna come hither. This look may be from decades gone by, but who doesn't ever wanna epitomize the seductively glamorous look of Hollywood divas in their prime? Sign us up!

To steal Ann's swag, start by creating a beautifully even base. Ann's skin is so flawless and natural looking, it's hard to tell where her foundation begins and ends. Make this throwback a modern day pin up look by using your favorite BB cream to keep skin naturally perfect-looking, applying additional concealer where needed. For brows, go thick or go home. Fill those face framers in with a complimentary brow pencil shade. For eyes, this is a sixties inspirational look, so wing your liner out in thick cat-eye style. Coat on the mascara and rock your favorite lipstick shade, going glossy to match Margret, or opting for a matte shade a la 2013.

Check out the fun Ann Margret makeup tutorial below that also shows you how to curl and tease hair and let us know what you think!