This week we honor classic beauty, Lucille Ball.

Who isn't familiar with this hilarious beauty? The star came from small means in Jamestown New York, but would slowly and surely rise to fame. After appearing in a few movies, Lucille's career really took flight when she began the I Love Lucy TV series. Ball would make history on the show, setting the stage for how future situation comedies would be filmed. Lucille was also the first woman to own her own television production company. A talented entertainer, Ball was equally beautiful, with looks that still captivate beauty junkies today.

Lucille was no stranger to makeup, and was even a spokewoman for Max Factor. The comedic star embodied the 1950 trends of the day. Her brows were drawn on in a thick, rounded arch. Her lips were often shaded in a bold crimson color, with the liner drawn out slightly past her natural lip line to create a soft bow silhouette.

Lucille wore eyeliner, but kept it thin, as this was a time well before eyeliner got its wings. What really defined and highlighted her vivid blue eyes were super long lashes that looked as though they could brush her cheeks.

Though she is known to most as a fierce and fiery redhead, many are surprised to learn Lucille was a natural brunette. She first dyed her hair blonde for the silver screen. But once the starlet went red, she never went back. Ball chose the color for its eye-popping pizzazz on camera. She is said to also have joked about how rich she must have been making Egypt with all the henna she bought to keep her locks in tip top ginger shape.

To get Lucille's look doesn't mean you have to go crimson up top. Simply dampen your tresses and pin curl them in place to your head until they are dry. Gently brush the curls out using a pomade to keep them smooth and frizz-free. Sweeping hair upwards, pin the sides and back, adding a soft pastel silk scarf around your hair for true vintage swag.

For makeup, it's all about redder than red lips and mascara to truly have a Lucille Ball. Check out the fun I Love Lucy makeup tutorial below and let us know if you'll be making this makeup your own. Let us know with a note below!