Michelle Pfeiffer
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Michelle Pfeiffer
This week we go or classic beauty Michelle Pfeiffer as our Thursday Throwback. A gorgeous Hollywood actress, Pfeiffer has played in many films including her notable roles in the move Scarface and of course as one of the baddest felines to ever catch Batman's eye as Catwoman in Batman Returns. Nom...
Try The Trend: Shapewear For A Slimmer Figure And Smaller Waist?
But is shapewear just skin-deep? Are there any positive, long-term benefits? According to Vera Watkins, founder of Vera Vasi Shapewear, the answer is yes. Few people know more about the cosmetic changes and health benefits obtainable from wearing compression garments than Watkins. For decades, he...
Vanessa Hudgens
Weekend Beauty Tips: Best Looks To Rock For Fun Festivals
So the season of the street festivals has finally arrived! Street vendors with delicious eats, jewelry, art, music, and tons of unique little finds make every fair worth while. Check out a few of our skin, hair, and makeup tips to keep in mind when you're planning to head out for a day of street fai...
Miley Cyrus - Instagram
Lash Lengthener: Serums, Eyeliners, & Mascaras We've Tried And Love
Looking for a few great products to enhance your lashes? Check out our latest picks in the slideshow above and let us know which you've tried!
Flip Flops
Shop Flip Flops: How To Choose The Best Flip-Flops For The Health Of Your Feet
Ladies, flip-flop season is upon us, but unfortunately these airy styles can be the culprit of foot and body pains from stubbed toes to joint misalignment. So you can enjoy this beloved footwear favorite, free of foot pain and problems, Australian podiatrist and founder of Vionic with Orthaheel ...
Feel Like A Makeover? 5 Times To Know When Not to Change Your Look
We all get bored with our style every now and then. There's nothing like a little variety to switch up and take the ordinary to extraordinary. But before you feed into that impulse to reinvent yourself consider these 5 reasons why you might wanna hold back and decide against any drastic changes.
Kim Kardashian
Kardashian Wedding Prep: Kim K Reportedly Using Corsets To Lose Inches Off Waist
So we think we have a famous reader on our hands! Right after we brought you tips on how to lose inches in your waist with corset training and what types of shapewear to try, rumors started buzzing that Kim Kardashian is using corsets to get her already curvalicious body into wedding shape. Has thi...
Mila Kunis
Celebrity Get the Look: Mila Kunis at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards
Congrats to the always-beautiful Mila Kunis for winning Sunday night's MTV Movie Award for "Best Villain"! She also takes home the award for one of the best hairstyles in our book (MTV should seriously make an exception for that award!). Kunis took home her golden popcorn award for performance ...
Cheap Chic Weddings
The 10th Annual Cheap Chic Weddings Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest Rolls Out
If you can use toilet paper to make a beautiful wedding dress you just might win $10,000! Everyone likes to save money here and there. And for some, saving money on weddings is more than a hobby, and a little less than an obsession. Laura Gawne and Susan Bain operate the popular website www.Cheap...
Pyrrha Partners with HBO to Launch Official Game of Thrones Jewelry Collection
Winter is coming! Now you can have a piece of your favorite HBO show for yourself. With the hotly anticipated fourth season of Game of Thrones just around the corner, fans of the hit series have double cause for celebration this month thanks to a new jewelry collaboration between HBO and Pyrrh...
Fake Designer Bags
How To Spot A Fake Designer Bag: Tips from Portero Expert Elizabeth Bernstein
With a new generation of counterfeit fashion goods on the rise, it has become really difficult to spot the fakes. Fooling even the savviest of shoppers, fakes are increasingly being made with high-quality materials, some even stamped with what appears to be proper manufacturing and date. Check out t...
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