Ursula costumeCredit : Photo by California Musical Theatre on Flickr

In light of the body positive movement that's shaping the way beauty is perceived, we look into size-inclusive options to try this Halloween.

The term plus-size isn't appealing anymore. If you ask celebrities like Ashley Graham, it may even be offensive.

With that, fashion brands are starting to reimagine their designs to flatter body types beyond the straight frame.

Body-positive influencers have shared tips on how to style this Halloween.

1. DIY

With limited choices, curvier women are left with no choice but to DIY their Halloween costume. Body-positive influencer Margot Meanie said that she gets joy from creating a piece inspired from look books she puts together herself.

"If you're new to DIY, look for influencers that put together DIY tutorials," Meanie added.

Meanie previously worked in a Halloween store and revealed a real problem with sizing, saying that it's "not accurate" and that plus size costumes are "more akin to junior plus."

2. Raid Your Own Closet

Social media influencer Sarah Chiwaya (@curvily on Instagram) revealed how she managed to mix and match a few pieces from her closet to wear to a Halloween party.

She is proud to share her Matrix costume, which she created with a patent trench coat she already owned.

3. Shop for Accessories

Chiwaya further suggested investing in accessories to put together your Halloween style. Think: Wigs, cat ears and spooky accessories you can buy from costume shops.

"At least you won't have to worry about sizing," Chiwaya explained, adding that there is "a sad limited selection" for curvier women.

4. Get Creative with Makeup

Makeup artist and model Nzinga Imani shared how she focuses on her Halloween makeup as much of what's available, doesn't come in her size.

Joker Halloween Makeup is trendy this season. You can also try Queens of Darkness Halloween makeup ideas.

5. Shop Early

Imani also shared how she starts searching online for Halloween costumes early or else "the look you had in mind will be completely sold out."

She shared that her go-to retailers include Hips & Curves for their bustiers that extend to 6x and Torrid for costume-y pieces she can wear in her everyday life, too.

Where to Shop Halloween Costumes

Spirit Halloween

If you want to try on your Halloween costume before you purchase them, this is the brand to shop at. However, their sizing only goes up to 3 and 4x.


Their Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Lace costume extends to a size 30 (6), but keep in mind that the online exclusive sells out quickly.


Are you thinking of trying a Wonder Woman look this Halloween? Have a can-do attitude as Target opens a little shop of horror called "The Hyde and Eek! Boutique."

They sell Wonder Woman costume up to 2X, as well as humorous outfits like an Oreo costume and a wiener dog.

Unique Vintage

Go for a retro outfit with the flapper dress or a 1920s vintage-inspired Halloween costume. They have sizes available to a 4X.


Curvy women want to wear sexy Halloween costumes too. Try this lingerie brand that offers devil and angel costumes that extend to a 6X.