Queens of Darkness: Halloween Makeup Ideas from 9 Classic Movies And TV Shows

So when we initially think of Halloween, we think blood, gore, zombies, and crazed axe murderers. But when we looked a little closer, we realized this festive night is the most beauty oriented of them all! We've all been too busy here at BWN to think of unique costumes, so we decided to use the internet for inspiration and found that practically all the queens of scream are seriously snatched! From skin to eyes, lips and hair, we couldn't get over how these villainous vixens can be so badass and stay so beat! Check out the 9 Halloween divas we chose to give beauty props to and see if any of their looks strike your festive fancy.

Lily Munster - A mom and wife, this immortal vampire doesn't seem to crave blood, she just wants her husband and grandfather to quit getting into their silly antics. Perhaps the friendliest of the gals on our list, Lily does hold her spooky own in the looks department, maintaining a perfect gray streak in her long black hair and beautifully defined eyes that make her green skin pop.

Elle - Female assassins can make for some awesome on screen catfights, and Elle, a.k.a. California Mountain Snake from the movie, Kill Bill, is no exception. Though she may be on a mission to kill her nemesis, Elle finds plenty of time to ensure her blonde locks are softly curled, skin is even, and lips are red enough to match her evil nurse costume.

Morticia - A busy mom with a husband who can't keep his hands off her, how does Mrs. Addams do it? Her skin, although it hasn't seen the sun in decades, is flawlessly fair. Her lips and nails are a gorgeous shade of red and check out the length on those talons! Not to mention her long brunette tresses that are perfectly parted to frame her chiseled face.

Poison Ivy - We were green with envy when we spotted the image of this gorgeous ginger. Likely using tons of rich botanical extracts to keep her redhead long and strong, this bad girl from Batman also knows now to catch and capture her victim's eye. Check out her fiery brows that match her equally fierce personality.

Elvira - Though the basis of a comedic horror film, there's nothing funny about this Mistress of the Darkness' look. Dressed in head to toe blacks, Elvira's hair and makeup are all about the drama. Her hair is a twisted Halloween take on the mullet, with the top teased a mile high, and the back hanging a mile long. Her skin is super fair which makes her eyes and lips the center of attraction. Elvira's eyeliner even extends outside the lines of eyes. Can her makeup be anymore fierce and extreme?

Cruella Deville - Sure she's absolutely insane, but this puppy predator is a makeup master. Her two-tone dye job has us dying to know what salon she goes to. And Cruella clearly hasn't been cruel to her brows, as they are thick and shaped to frame her crazily animated face. With a brilliant red lip to boot, Ms. Deville proves even villains can be beauty junkies.

Wicked Witch of the West - Sure she terrorized an innocent young girl and even stole her dog, but all we wanna know is what lash serum is this lady is using? Green skin and all, this sorceress is still serving up a great pair of super arched brows, complete with dark eyeliner and lipstick to make us wanna click our heels three times!

Mystique - A chameleon, Mystique is the epitome of what it means to give yourself a makeover. This villain unfortunately doesn't play for the good guys, making her an awesome secret weapon for comic book evildoers and one fantastical makeup inspiration. What can we say? It's blue, blue, and more blue! And even with tons of scales and 3D prosthetics, this exotic enemy of the X-men is still gorgeous.

Bride of Frankenstein - Behind every man is a strong woman, or in Frankenstein's case, a strong monster. She may have been the creation of a mad scientist, but this bride has held her own in the Halloween beauty department. Her mile high hair and dual silver swivel streaks contrast her dark lips and long flowing gown in a creepy and still pretty way.

Which Halloween look is your favorite? Let us know with a comment!

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