perfume bottles
Choosing Fragrances Based on Astrology: Fire and Air Signs [PART 1]
Wear a scent that best matches traits known to your astrological sign.
woman wearing a button-down shirt
Classic with a Twist: 11 Ways to Style a Button-down
Are you bored with how you're wearing your button-down shirt? Check out these fashion tips.
Rihanna's First-Ever Book Launch: What to Expect
The singer and beauty mogul launched an autobiography. Read on for details.
Jeffree Star
Shane Dawson, Jeffree Star Give First Look at 'Pig' Merch Collection
Have you gotten your hands on Dawson's cute pig merch or awaiting for the Dawson-Star makeup collection? Here's what you need to know about it!
sustainable beauty products
Drop Victoria Beckham: 20 Brands Promoting Sustainable Beauty
These beauty brands help save our planet. Find out how they are doing it.
woman touching her lips
Must-Have Lip Balms for Chapped-Free Lips in Autumn and Winter
Why do lips get chapped? Why are my lips so dry when the temperature goes down? These are common questions we hear in the cooler months from autumn to winter.
Kylie Jenner makeup
Kylie Jenner vs Kim Kardashian: Ulta Holiday Makeup Launch
Kylie Jenner recently launched makeup products at Ulta. What to buy and what to expect from her sister, Kim Kardashian West's October makeup launch.
girl opening Christmas present
SHOP Sephora! 11 Christmas Gifts for Your Besties from Sephora
Get your hands on these holiday gift sets before they run out. Check out these gift ideas for beauty buffs.
lgbtq pride
Shop! Gender-Inclusive Makeup and Clothing Brands
These brands are filling in the gap in the fashion industry. Celebrate LGBTQ pride with them!
essential oils
Julianne Hough: Tips and Tricks in Choosing Essential Oils for Sensitive Skin
Choosing essential oils based on popularity isn't always the way to go. We found the top skin-irritating essential oils; this is why Julianne Hough chose these instead!
Fall Trends: What Jeans Should You Buy This October?
Jeans are on sale on throughout October. Find out which jeans styles you should buy this season!
Woman wearing boots
Step Up this Fall! 8 Shoe Choices to make this Season
From the runway to the streets, here are the latest in shoe trends! Read on.
Eye Serums
Say Goodbye To Dark Circles: 5 Best Eye Serums That Actually Work
Trying to get rid of those dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness around your eyes? No more worries! Here are 5 best eye serums that actually work.
Angelina Jolie
Halloween Spotlight: How to Nail the Maleficent Look
Be Maleficent this Halloween! MAC Cosmetics released a Maleficent Collection just in time for the film and Halloween.
beauty box
5 Best Beauty Advent Calendars for 2019: Christmas is Here!
Start Christmas shopping for the ladies on your list! Here are the top beauty advent calendars for the 2019 holiday season.
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