Rihanna's First-Ever Book Launch: What to Expect

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Reading a celebrity's autobiography should be like reading hundreds of pages of gossip, beauty secrets, tell-all's, celebrity feuds, and their roads to success. However, the Fenty Beauty founder is defying the status quo with her recently-launched autobiography.

Michael Jackson, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Britney Spears all wrote memoirs or autobiographies in the past. However, those books may have had an impression of lacking in content for some.

When celebrities decided to release memories and yet did not offer enough depth to their personal stories, or they decided to leave some secrets untold, or they simply could not express themselves through words (like the young Bieber's book), the result can be a failure.

But in the beauty world, the Grammy-award winner proves to be an exemption. Her life in pictures is clearly something that people want to see. From what she wears to how she does her makeup or the recent products she has launched, RiRi's fans will surely want to see these in photos.

So when the "We Found Love" singer published an "autobiographical art book" as she calls it, her book was well-received among fans and greatly appreciated. Even the strapless white dress she wore to her book launch was worth capturing in print.

Her book launch in New York was a success, as her guests were treated to champagne for the celebration, which was hosted at the Guggenheim Museum in Upper East Side, New York. Guests also got to take home a free copy of her book.

When asked why her book is without the fancy-schmancy words an autobiography should be filled with to the very last page, this is how she responds:

"My fans are young and have ADD," she added, "let's be real; they'd rather look at pictures than read." The beauty mogul was further quoted as saying she doesn't have time to write a memoir or a full auto-biography.

The "Work" singer knows her fans wouldn't have time to read anyway. She further explained that a photo memoir has its advantages, "To share moments in a visual way that my fans can have access to, be part of, and relate to."

With over 500 pages, the  photo memoir has over 1,050 color photos of RiRi's life and career following her transition from her 'Pon de Replay' days to starting and growing a beauty brand. The book was released in partnership with the publishing house, Phaidon.

Phaidon took to Instagram to make the announcement and added, "We are so proud to publish Rihanna."

What to Expect from the Book

'Art' is what the singer calls this 15-pound book full of her life in photos going back to Barbados and up to her rising empire in the beauty industry.

The visual autobiography is expected to cover private details of Rihanna's life, from a school report card in her youth to her iconic torso tattoo.

But the book does skip some parts from her youth, jumping straight into her tours in 2011 and completely devoid of photos of her relationship with Chris Brown.

The book is said to give "tantalizing glimpses of the work she clearly puts in" and "not for illumination or understanding of the public, but for the Rihanna Navy."

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