Boucheron Mixes Jewelry And Nature For Its New Collection

For its 160th anniversary, Boucheron is celebrating with their newest collection by taking a huge inspiration from nature, through advanced workmanship combined with technology and imagination.

The latest jewelry collection, called "Nature Triomphante," is a tribute to the beauty of nature and the tradition of Boucheron, one of the oldest jewelry houses in France, which was founded by Frederic Boucheron in1858. The set is divided into three chapters — Boucheron Naturaliste, Boucheron Surrealiste, and Boucheron Alchimiste, each representing the inventiveness of the jewelry house.

Three Collections

The Naturaliste collection is a nod to the house's signature pieces, such as the classic ivy necklace but was reinvented with precision — leaf by leaf or petal by petal. As described on its site, the first chapter of this collection revisits the archived pieces, but this time letting the natural form of leaves and petals speak for each piece through the use of the newest 3D technology.

One of the most breathtaking pieces from this chapter is Lierre Givré, a titanium necklace set with cacholong.

Surealiste collection features the house's freedom in creating unique pieces such as Nuage de Fleurs, a 42.96-carat pink tourmaline and mother of pearl necklace set paved with diamonds on pink gold that can also be worn as a head piece. The necklace also has a matching ring set also adorned with mother of pearl and diamonds.

The last chapter on Boucheron's newest collection is perhaps the most-talked about. Within the Boucheron Alchimiste set is another collection, Fleurs Eternelle, which consists of nine floral rings, arguably the closest clones of flowers a jewelry can look like.

This was done with the help of artist-petalist who uses medical scanner to duplicate each part of a particular flower, such as peonies, roses, hortensias, and anemones, from their petals to their stamens and pistils. The flowers were deconstructed, taking each piece of petals carefully and preserving without the use of any chemical.

Then these were given protection from humidity or heat by applying varnish and an "ultra-thin protective metal," reincarnating a beautiful creation of nature into a lasting piece of accessory.

Boucheron's creative director, Claire Choisne, described the rings as "an exact replica of the flowers with all their natural defects and without any interpretation or improvement by the hand of man."

Applauded for its hyper-realistic designs, the Boucheron house of jewelry retails each floral ring starting at €100,000 or almost $120,000, a big price to pay for owning one of yet the best collaborations of science, art, and nature.

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