Nike By Melrose, The Brand's First Nike Live Concept Store, Is Now Open In LA


The first-ever Nike Live store is live. Yup, the Nike By Melrose is a haven for shoe-lovers and fans of the renowned brand that was recently heralded as the most-trustworthy brand by millennials.

Loyal fans of Nike are in for a treat as the brand recently opened its first live store on Melrose Avenue, hence the name. The almost 4,600-square foot shop is rightly located along one of the popular shopping districts of Los Angeles, California, and everything is correlated to the people in that place.

How? Well, everything seemed to have been decided by the residents of Melrose. Not literally, but Nike made sure that the products it will house as well as the location are in line with how the people interact with the brand. The brand's official, Michael Martin, explained the Nike Cortez's availability in the store was because of how much people loved it.

So basically the move was to portray that the Nike Live store can "show and flow new products which will be rotated super fast, bi-weekly, into the stores so that customers can keep coming back," the official said.

This means that every two weeks, new products will be up for grabs for sneakerheads. But fret not, all the classic ones, which are all-time faves, are also available, much like the "best-sellers" in online shopping. This is important because it shows how Nike is listening well to its customers' demands.

Sweet Combination

What's more is that this Nike Live is the testing ground for services that can be copied in other stores of the brand as well. NikeDirect president Heidi O'Neill explained that this newest take on the store is a combination of "digital features with a unique physical environment."

At this Nike Live store is the Sneaker Bar, where customers can get to acquire an expert's advice on footwear. It's also the one-stop center for trying shoes. The shop also has lockers that store shoes that were pre-reserved by customers through the app.

These pre-reserved shoes can be tried on once at the Nike Live store. However, the customers need to scan with their phones to open the locker. Customers who have no time to drop by the store can opt to use SwooshText, where they can order the pair they want and have it delivered at the parking lot near the store.

Plain as day, the features of the Nike Live store on Melrose is a big step in keeping up with the fast-paced environment of shoppers. Indeed, the brand is looking into expanding their customer service and interaction with their clients through other stores. In 2019, the brand is thinking of opening up a Nike Live store in Tokyo, Japan.

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