Gen Z, Millennials Think Nike Is The Most Trustworthy Fashion Brand


Nike came out on top as the fashion brand most trusted by 13- to 36-year-olds, or the Gen Z and millennials.

The study was released by Ybrands, and it showed just how the younger generations have been perceiving brands nowadays. Nike took home the award as the most trustworthy among other fashion lines, and not only that, it was also touted as the "coolest" brand, as per the respondents.

"Nike is kind of like the Beatles or the Beyoncé brands in that they've achieved both critical and commercial success, especially when it comes to the youth market," Ybrands' Bobby Calise said.

Overall, across other categories, Nike ranks as the second most trustworthy brand, next to Dove. The beauty brand may have gained millennials and Gen Z's hearts after targeting the celebration of people in their own skin through its "Real Beauty" campaign.

Ranking third in the overall trustworthiness list is chocolate brand Hershey's and is followed by Amazon. Oreo and M&M's come in fifth and sixth, respectively, and rounding up the lists are Target, Google, Netflix, and Adidas

Coolest Brands

Jordan follows Nike as the second coolest brand. This is followed by Adidas, Vans, and Under Armour. Others in the list were Converse, The North Face, Supreme, Pink, and Timberland.

Supreme being on the eighth place can be attributed to the prevalence and popularity of streetwear. Of those surveyed, ages 18 to 24 seem to be the most aware of the product, earning 69 percent, which is 30 to 40 times higher than the younger and older ranges.

On authenticity, Levi's was voted as the second most authentic, which Calise said other brands should mimic. While the brand has been on the market for 165 years, Gen Z and millennials' perception of the brand as one of the truest in the industry clearly speaks of how it remained the same brand the people have known to be.

Most Valuable Brand

Nike isn't just the most trustworthy. Brand Finance also revealed that Nike came out on top of the most valuable fashion brand in America, with its worth priced at $28 billion. Coming in second and eating the sports brand's dust is Victoria's Secret with $6.1 billion. Coach, Ralph Lauren, and Under Armour placed third through fifth, and are followed by The North Face, Michael Kors, and Tommy Hilfiger.

It is hard for brands to earn the trust of people nowadays, and Nike certainly aced that. Just take a look at how Converse and Jordan managed to be placers, which are owned by Nike as well.

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