ICYMI: Amazon Prime Wardrobe Lets You Shop For Clothes Online And Try Them On Before Paying

Amazon is upping its game in helping its consumers save money by letting them wear the clothes before paying for them with the Prime Wardrobe.

The new service from Amazon boasts accessibility and convenience for its online clients. Gone are the days when people have to visit the store to choose and buy clothes for themselves. Now, the digital age has made it possible to shop at just the fingertips.

Moreover, Amazon Prime seemed to try to address an issue of online shopping. Everyone knows how hard it is to buy clothes online and never have an inkling of how it actually fits. The Prime Wardrobe makes one fit the clothes before they actually pay for the item, so there would be less money wasted.

Prime Wardrobe

Is that even possible? It is now as it's what Amazon tries to do with its Prime Wardrobe.

"Using Prime Wardrobe - a benefit included in your Prime membership - you can order clothing, shoes, and accessories at no upfront charge," the website says.

Here's how Prime Wardrobe works. First, consumers can choose three to eight items, either shoes, clothing, or accessories to add to the box. It will then be shipped and when these items arrive, one gets to fit them and see if they are actually what they were expecting.

These items come with a return tag and a box, so those that don't fit or don't get chosen can be returned for free. After a week, those that were not sent back will be the only ones that will be charged to the customer.

See how easy that sounds like? Of course, there might be a few kinks here and there but the Prime Wardrobe is surely a game-changer in online shopping. What's more, the service also has a range of clothing for women, men, babies, and children, so there will surely be a lot of options to choose from.

With this new feature, it helps lessen those face-palm moments when opening a package. Amazon's new service also smashes consumer's second thoughts in ordering online, what with the countless instances of disappointment no-thanks to substandard items that looked heavenly on the internet.

Basically, Amazon Prime's newest offer is best for those who cannot find time to actually do shopping in malls and in stores. Prime Wardrobe is available to those who were invited but it requires Prime membership.

Joseph Pisani, who was one of the lucky ones given access to this new feature, said that the search is a little tricky. There are items that qualify for Prime Wardrobe, though colors and sizes are limited. However, some popular brands are available as well, such as Adidas and Calvin Klein though he underlined that one needs to look hard for these gems.

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