Amazon Prime One-Hour Delivery Service: Company Launches Fast Delivery For New Yorkers


Amazon has launched Prime Now, a service that promises delivery as fast as an hour in Manhattan, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Certain areas in Manhattan can already avail the service since the announcement. Amazon hasn't expanded their reach to other places yet, but the company made plans to promote this type of service to other cities soon.

Amazon also mentioned an allocated space on 34th Street in Manhattan to become the delivery hub for Prime Now orders in the announcement made Thursday.

A few weeks before the launch, Amazon deployed bike messengers on the said street. The bike messengers were supposed to travel from the leased building on 34th street, which is opposite the Empire State building.

The company is also working on aerial vehicles, which will be used to carry small packages to customers' doorsteps, CNET reported.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos stated in his 2013 Letter to Shareholders that they are developing the aerial drones and continuing the research to perfect their designs for better quality service. "The Prime Air team is already flight testing our 5th and 6th generation aerial vehicles," Bezos wrote, "and we are in the design phase on generations 7 and 8."

Additionally, Amazon launched another type of service that delivers the goods within the same day. The "Get It Today" feature offers delivery of a variety of products, including computers, electronic devices, books, home appliances, first aid and travel accessories.

The program was made available to Prime members in Baltimore, Dallas, Indianapolis, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C on Aug. 6, according to CNET.

Amazon Prime members are the only ones eligible for the one-hour delivery service as of the moment. The program costs $7.99, but Amazon will not charge a cent for deliveries made after two hours. Customers can place their orders between 6 a.m. and midnight.

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