Selena Gomez Nathan Sykes: Adidas NEO Designer, The Wanted Singer Like Each Other? Boy Band Member Confesses Crush Before Ariana Grande Romance


Did Selena Gomez and Nathan Sykes like each other? 

The Wanted singer and boy band member confessed his crush on the Adidas NEO designer before his romance with Ariana Grande, 20.

According to E! Online, the hunky crooner, 20, was interested in taking Gomez, 21, out for a couple of romantic dates a while back.

Sykes seems to like beautiful brunettes, who can sing their hearts out like the "Come and Get It" performer. In fact, the boy band member really was crushing on Justin Bieber's ex-girlfriend.

"[Max George] follows someone on Twitter, then he is in the tabloids saying he is in a relationship," Sykes shared with We Love Pop magazine. "I started following the Selena Gomez and than nothing. Where is my relationship?!"

The dreamy crooner never pursued Taylor Swift's best friend because of his friendship with Bieber. But thier brotherly bond didn't stop Sykes from wanting Gomez.

"To be honest, I always liked Selena, but I really didn't want to go that side because Justin would kill me!," Sykes explained. "I would probably receive a call from [mutual manager Scooter Braun] telling me to stay away!"

Reportedly, Sykes stared at Gomez when he saw her at a Justin Timberlake concert some time ago. 

"I must have looked like a complete idiot," Sykes recalled about that concert. "My friends were like, 'Just say hi,' but I could not even talk to her! But that's how I am. I'm very, very nervous around girls that I really like. I need to improve my game."

It looks as if the British singer has stepped up to the plate when it comes to his new romance with Grande. The new couple officially declared their love for each other on Twitter in late September.

Think Sykes had a shot with Gomez? Like Sykes better with Grande? Let us know in the comments section below!        

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