Recently, Selena Gomez debuted her first stylish line for Adidas NEO. 

She opened up about her new 53-piece collection at the NEO flagship store in Berlin, Germany, according to Hollywood Life. Wearing some of her dreamt-up duds including pocket-studded jean shorts and black sneakers, Justin Bieber's on-again girlfriend greeted fans and explained her fashion inspirations. 

Models strutted their stuff, with one rocking the designer's pleather black motorcyle jacket. "The leather aspect of it all makes it look really edgy," she said.

Another model carried a huge black tote, and Gomez was far from tight lipped about her love of one special accessory.

"As a girl, my purse is my life and so we did kinda like an oversized tote bag." Another catwalker sported a fashionable crop top, to which the "Come and Get It" singer said makes the collection look feminine.

She loves all the pieces, but one is her number one choice. Wondering what is her collection's creme de la creme? 

"My [black sneakers] shoes that I'm wearing right now are probably my favorite from the collection," she said, "and I wanted to do black on black." 

The brunette starlet, who will also play a bad-girl role in the forthcoming movie, "Getaway," inspires confidence in young girls the world over. She told attendees that "it's ok to wear what you want to wear and that's what NEO's about" all the time.

Gomez's line also features cute printed tees, studded jean vests, monochrome leggings and purses in her collection. Look through the slideshow and tell us what you think of her fashions in the comments section below!