Red Dress
New Study Says Women Feel Threatened & Stereotype Other Women Who Wear The Color Red As Unfaithful & Promiscuous
Who knew the color red would have women seeing red! A new study is out and the claws come out, so it says, when women wear the color red. When shown images of women who wore the color crimson, very choice opinions were formed. "The color of a woman's shirt [affects] how men and women think abo...
PMD Personal Microderm Debuts New Hand and Foot Kit Exfoliator
There's nothing hot about a crusty heal in your new sandals! Not cute! So of course we were hyped to hear that a new hand and foot kit for all over body exfoliation was coming out by PMD. If you're late to the facial exfoliation party, PMD is a widely popular the at-home microdermabrasion syst...
High Heels
What's the Most Important Curve on a Woman's Body? Expert Says Pay Attention to Foot Arch Pain
We've got a question for all you beauty junkies out there: What's the most important curve on a woman's body? *Hint, It's not what you think...
Corset Training, Waist Cincher Results & Dangers: How To Lose Inches Off Your Waist
We're all for a little corset training, but some people love to go overboard. With the "Human Jessica Rabbit" creating headlines for wearing a corset 23 hours a day, the corset diet phenomenon ignited by Jessica Alba is trending once again. But, how do you safely try waist training? "There a...
Period Symptoms: U by Kotex Launches #SavetheUndies Campaign to Help Stop Unwanted Period Stains
A topic most women dare not talk about, U by Kotex is setting out to make this hush-hush issue a full blown social media campaign. #SavetheUndies! Did you know that millions of undies are ruined every year because of less than coopoerative pads? U by Kotex says they want to help us all #Sav...
Wedding Dress
What Hairstyle Is Best For Me: How to Pick Your Wedding Dress Hairstyle
We love talking beauty solutions with our experts. Often our tips come from real life experience! Just ask our friend Marlene Montanez, hair care expert from Latest Hairstyles. "When I started dress shopping for my wedding, one question that came up again and again as I tried on dresses was, 'Wha...
Panty Line
Tips For Avoiding Panty Lines: How To Choose The Right Underwear
As you start to bring out your summer wardrobe, it might be time to do a double check to ensure your underwear drawer is as cute as those rompers and short shorts you own! Visible Panty Line has got to be the most popular fashion faux pas, seen on the backsides of women everday. Often unknowingl...
Naomi Campbell
Designer Sunglasses On Sale: How to Shop What Sunglasses Are In Style & Fit Your Face Shape 2014 Part 2
Eyeing a paerfect pair of shades for summer? Check out what nationally-recognized consumer and money-saving expert Andrea Woroch had to share with us before you head to buy those designer frames. If you missed Part One of our tips, click here:
Designer Sunglasses On Sale: How to Shop What Sunglasses Are In Style & Fit Your Face Shape 2014
Sunglasses and summer go hand-in-hand and many shoppers will prep for the first of the season by grabbing a new pair shades. Protecting the eyes from harmful rays isn't a top priority as more consumers focus on style and brand over function, spending anywhere from $200 to $600 on a single pair of de...
OBO Pearl
Meet OBO Pearl: The Smallest Wearable And Leak-Proof Bottle Of Perfume
When beauty meets innovation, well it's just a thing of beauty! Imagine a miniaturized bottle of perfume attached by magnetization to a jewel (bracelet or pendant). Once detached by grasping it with your fingertips, theperfume is applied by rolling the pearl on the skin.
Susan Brennan
Toilet Paper Wedding Dress: Meet The Tenth Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest Winners
It's weddng season and time to roll out the toilet paper! announced the winners of their Tenth Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress contest sponsored by Charmin. Check out what grand Prize winner Susan Brennan, designer and former cheerleader for the Detroit Pistons came u...
Breakups to Makeup
Meet Breakups to Makeup: Accessories For Those Who Love The Art Of Makeup
Have you come across this super cute accessories line yet? Meet Breakups to Makeup Breakups to Makeup is the brainchild of makeup artist Angelique Velez. The brand launched in June last year to spread the message that makeup is more than just a product but also a form of art.
I Have Nothing To Wear: Styling Consultant Shares Confidence-Boosting Clothing Tips
As if there weren't enough to worry about in life, women often find themselves frozen in front of their closets, panicking about what to wear. "I think everyone has that terrible feeling of insecurity from time to time when you just know you have on the wrong outfit," explained styling consultant...
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