Mark Your Calendars: Rare Beauty’s Stay Vulnerable Collection Comes Out On January 7Credit : rarebeauty / Instagram

While many beauty critics are usually skeptical of celebrity makeup brands, Selena Gomez's Rare Beauty has mostly enjoyed glowing reviews, and the brand's popularity continues to grow. The hit beauty brand hinted at a new collection on their Instagram page, and it's just been revealed that Rare Beauty's Stay Vulnerable collection will be exclusively available at and at Sephora beginning on January 7, 2021. Allure copped an exclusive chance to test the Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Collection, and according to their beauty editors, the brand's spring offering is a "minimalist's ultimate fantasy."

Stay Vulnerable

Rare Beauty's new collection includes four new products: Stay Vulnerable Glossy Lip Balm, Stay Vulnerable Melting Blush, Stay Vulnerable Liquid Eye Shadow, and the Stay Vulnerable All-Over Eye Shadow Brush. Except for the brush, all the makeup features the same five-shade range that makes it easy for fans to shade match: Nearly Apricot, Nearly Berry, Nearly Mauve, Nearly Neutral, and Nearly Rose. That's why Allure uses the term "minimalist."

While Allure jests that they don't want anyone breaking their Ney Year's resolutions to buy less, they also think this new line is worth it.

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The Complete Product Lineup

Stay Vulnerable Glossy Lip Balm

According to Allure, it's hard to lump the Stay Vulnerable Glossy Lip Balm into one category. It has the consistency and hydrating qualities of a lip balm, the shine of a gloss, and the pigment of a lip tint. If you prefer a sheer wash of color over the heavy pigment of a matte lipstick, there are five universally flattering shades just waiting to be discovered.

Stay Vulnerable Melting Blush

From the packaging alone, makeup junkies will be vying to get their hands on the Stay Vulnerable Melting Blush. Allure Staff Writer Nicola Dall'Asen says live up to their name - the blushes melt upon touch and are easily spreadable with your fingers or a brush. Allure editorial assistant Gabi Thorne adds that while other cream blushes are too sheer for her brown skin, these ones are highly pigmented and leave her with a healthy dose of color. Dall'Asen recommends Nearly Apricot and Nearly Neutral for pale complexions, while those with deeper skin tones like Thorne can go for Nearly Berry, Nearly Mauve or Nearly Rose.

Stay Vulnerable Liquid Eye Shadow and Stay Vulnerable All-Over Eye Shadow Brush

If you're a hard-core user of powder eyeshadows, you may change your mind with the Stay Vulnerable Liquid Eye Shadow. The thick and creamy consistency partnered with saturated pigments make it a breeze to apply. For seamless blending of one or more shades, use the Stay Vulnerable All-Over Eye Shadow Brush. Thorne used its tapered tip to blend Nearly Berry, Nearly Mauve, and Nearly Rose on her lids.

Behind the Scenes with Vogue

For Rare Beauty's Stay Vulnerable campaign, Selena Gomez collaborates with photographer Petra Collins. The campaign has exclusively made its debut on Vogue today, January 5. As Gomez tells Vogue, she did her own makeup for the shoot to capture that "soft, flushed look we get when we feel the most vulnerable," which is the whole theme of the new collection. Gomez adds that she views vulnerability as a strength now, and sharing your heart should be celebrated.

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