Introducing About-Face: Controversial Singer Halsey Launches Makeup Line

Introducing About-Face: Controversial Singer Halsey Launches Makeup Line
(Photo : Ryan Pierse/Getty Images) Halsey joins the celebrity makeup bandwagon with About-Face.
Introducing About-Face: Controversial Singer Halsey Launches Makeup Line
(Photo : aboutfacebeauty/Instagram) A sneak peak at About-Face's Paint-It Matte Lip Color.

2020 was the year of celebrity makeup launches. Selena Gomez, Alicia Keys, Kristen Bell, Pharrell Williams, and Jennifer Lopez joined Rihanna is the world of makeup and skincare. Even rock band My Chemical Romance collaborated with beauty brand HipDot and released a vegan makeup collection. This year, controversial singer, songwriter, and activist Halsey continues the trend and launches her own makeup line, About-Face.

In an exclusive interview with Byrdie, Halsey shares that she has been doing her own makeup for tours and various appearances for a long time. She also reveals that she was an art student and still paints. Makeup is just another creative outlet that allows her to wield brushes and experiment with color. She adds that just like singing and performing, makeup is an art that feels just as personal. As one can easily see on her Instagram page, Halsey doesn't shy away from bright colors and new looks and About-Face will reflect her aesthetic.

What's in a name?

As for the name of her beauty brand, About-Face, Halsey says it's a "triple entendre" that means one, "to suddenly and completely change one's direction" (as defined on About-Face's Instagram page), two, it stands for her real name's initials (Ashley Nicolette Frangipane) and three, the AF initials can also be interpreted as "as f*ck." The new collection includes eyes, lips and face products that will allow you to be as playful and adventurous as Halsey is with her own makeup looks.   

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Humble Beginnings

Halsey says that doing her own makeup started out of necessity when her old record label didn't have much of a makeup or wardrobe budget. She styled herself and learned to do her own makeup with the help of drugstore finds. Even when she grew into a bigger star and had access to a glam team, she found out that she preferred doing her own face as she shares that it "helps with your sense of identity." Her own process of trial and error inspired her to create About-Face and consumers will be quick to notice that the line doesn't feature concealing products (foundations and concealers). Instead, the makeup allows you to enhance, rather than hide, your natural features.

Sneak Peak

About-Face is starting with 10 products and they're available for preorder now. Here's a sneak peak at the product line.

About-Face Light Lock Highlight Fluid

Described as a reflective highlighting fluid, light reflective pearls are suspended in a lightweight liquid to give you a glow like no other. Allure says that it's a great way to add shimmer on your face whether you're laying low or going for a full face. The liquid highlighter comes in pink, gold, and bronze.

About-Face Paint-It Matte Lip Color

Even if mask-wearing is still a necessity, transfer-proof makeup gives makeup junkies a sense of normalcy. Try About-Face's Paint-It Matte Lip Color which has six (for now) flattering colors to brighten up your day. Pair it with the Matte Fix Lip Pencil. Halsey tells Byrdie that this pair was born out of her desire to find that lip products that can withstand sweat, rain and long performances.

About-Face Matte Fluid Eye Paint

Halsey mentions that she loves super pigmented eye shadows, and this eye paint is one of first products that were developed for the makeup line. The Matte Fluid Eye Paint comes in six colors that range from neutrals like nude and terracotta to more vivid colors like deep green and navy blue.

To check out the rest of the About-Face collection, visit Preorders will be shipped out beginning on January 25, 2021.

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