Indigenous Beauty Brands That Should Be On Your Radar

Indigenous Beauty Brands That Should Be On Your Radar
(Photo : cheekbonebeauty/Instagram) Make way for Indigenous and Native American beauty brands.

Thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement that commanded everyone's attention in 2020, Black-owned beauty brands are enjoying more visibility in the beauty industry. While shopping is a much more different experience now compared to pre-Covid-19 times, you can shop online and check out Thirteen Lune, an online shopping site that exclusively sells Black and Brown-owned beauty brands. While Black business owners are hoping that their business will continue to flourish, another cultural group wishes to achieve the same visibility and that's the Indigenous community.

Inspired by heritage, traditions, nature, and sustainable practices, broaden your beauty horizons and check out the following Indigenous and Native American-owned beauty brands compiled by Cosmopolitan, Women's Health and Well + Good beauty editors.

Ah-Shí Beauty

The name Ah-Shí comes from the Navajo language and it means "this is me," "that is me," or this is mine." Founder and CEO Ahsaki Báá LaFrance-Chachere grew up on a Navajo Reservation located in Northeastern Arizona and is a citizen of the Diné Nation. According to Well + Good, she created this skincare and makeup line to help indigenous people recognize and see their own beauty. Well + Good recommends the Liquid Velvet Lipstick and adds that Ah-Shí Beauty products are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, cruelty-free and paraben-free. Ah-Shí also sells clothing and jewelry.

Cheekbone Beauty

Cheekbone Beauty is gaining a loyal following on Instagram thanks to their cute and sustainable packaging and highly pigmented lip makeup. A portion of the brands proceeds also go to Shannen's Dream, a cause that focuses on the education of Indigenous youth.

Prados Beauty

Prado Beauty is known for their strip lashes and affordable makeup brushes (Women's Health likes the Sedona Brush Set), but Cosmopolitan loves their reusable face pads. Since sustainable beauty practices frown upon single-use makeup wipes, go for reusable makeup remover pads instead.

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 Skwalwen Botanicals

Founder and ethnobotanist Leigh Joseph uses organic ingredients and wild-harvested plants for the brand's skincare products. Cosmopolitan recommends the Kalkáy Wild Rose Toner, while Women's Health suggests Tewín'xw Cranberry Rose Antioxidant Facial Serum which has plant-derived hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q and several kinds of berry seeds oils including rosehip and cranberry.

Sister Sky

Sister Sky was founded by two sisters who embrace their heritage's herbal wisdom. Focused on body care products, Sister Sky started with a body lotion that targeted eczema and the business grew from there. Cosmopolitan's top pick is their White Willow Body Lotion that is formulated with vitamin E, shea butte and sunflower oil. You can get a gift set that includes the lotion, body wash, body mist and bath bomb.

Yukon Soaps

For soft and supple skin, try Yukon Soaps Body Oil & Matching Soap Combo. Dry skin will be no match for the brand's hero ingredients of sweet almond and jojoba oil. The combo ins available in unique scents such as Lava Sopa, Herbal Sea, Petals + Patchouli, Romancing The Soap, Spice Boy, and Yukon Wild Rose. They also have an unscented version if you're sensitive to fragrance.  

Check out Cosmopolitan and Women's Health for other wonderful Native American beauty brands.

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