Disposable Face Masks Contribute To Environmental Waste, Here's Some Substitutes

Disposable Face Masks Contribute To Environmental Waste. Here's What To Use Instead.
(Photo : Bára Buri/Unsplash) Stay safe and stylish with disposable face masks.

Wearing face masks have been mandatory worldwide to help combat the spread of Covid-19. While this practice has saved thousands from contacting or spreading the coronavirus, disposable face masks have largely contributed to environmental waste and continue to do so.

The Straits Times reports that experts have now estimated that in every month, 129 billion face masks (and 65 billion medical gloves) are used and discarded on a global scale. If those masks will be placed side by side, it can cover Greenland. As Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc and new strains of the coronavirus are being discovered, it's really time to consider alternatives.

While single-use disposable face masks may be more convenient, using washable options will help lessen waste in a major way and help keep oceans and other waterways cleaner and everything that live in them safer. The following reusable masks come highly recommended by Vogue, The Insider and The Strategist.

Buck Mason All-Day Anti-Microbial Face Mask

The Strategist readers favor this cotton mask from Buck Mason. Plastic surgeon Dr. Amir Karam tells The Strategist that cotton is one of the most protective materials and is breathable even in multiple layers. It's also easily washable by hand or by machine.

This Buck Mason face mask comes in three colors (Black, Navy and Olive) and features tie-back, adjustable ear loops and anti-microbial coating. It comes in a pack of five and has two versions - The M1 which doesn't have a nose bridge and the M2 that does.

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Staples 3-Ply Cloth Masks

The Staples 3-Ply Cloth Masks come in packs of 10 with five designs: plain black, plain grey then three printed masks in gingham, paisley, and camouflage designs. There's definitely something for everyone in this pack and its adjustable ear loops is another plus.

Hanes Wicking Cotton Masks

Cosmetic dermatologist Michele Green suggests this Hanes mask for running and other exercises. As she explains to The Strategist, the tightly woven cotton pulls excess moisture from the face to the mask's outer layer. Hanes suggests that you should replace each mask after 20 uses, but that won't hurt your pockets too much as each mask only costs $2.

HALO Black Mesh Mask With Nanofilter

For those who wear glasses, The Insider suggests this multilayered HALO mask as users have observed that they don't end with fogged-up spectacles. It features a bendable latex nose pad to hold the mask in place on your nose and a layer of thin cotton at the bottom to prevent it from riding up. It also has adjustable ear loops for a snug fit.

Moshi Omniguard Face Mask

If you prefer a larger face mask that fits snugly over the chin, try Moshi Omniguard Face Mask. It's roomy but not loose-fitting, and has adjustable nose wire and ear loops. It has three layers with antimicrobial coating and comes in black and gray.

Fossil Unisex Face Masks

From bold tie-dye prints, dainty florals, classic polka-dots, and blue denim, stay safe and stylish with these Vogue-approved Fossil Unisex Face Masks. They come in a pack of three with adjustable toggles and ear loops.

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