How to Use Dashing Diva's Semi-Cured Nail Gel Strips
(Photo : Dashing Diva)

A new way to color your nails comes in the semi-cured gel nail strips called Glaze by Dashing Diva. With this new innovation in nail color, you won't have to worry about messy and uneven nail polish.

Dashing Diva Semi-Cured Gel Nail Strips

The Dashing Diva Glaze semi-cured nail gel strips are a game-changer in nail care, offering salon-quality results at home. The Glaze innovation features a semi-cured gel strip that cures under an LED lamp, providing a molded shape, mega volume, and mirror shine that lasts for two weeks. With triple-layer technology, these strips build volume, create a smooth pigment, and seal air-tightly for a superior finish. The curved form fits naturally, with thicker centers and thin edges, while the vibrant colors and light-reflecting particles deliver a brilliant shine. For a professional finish that masks imperfections, try Dashing Diva Semi-Cured Gel Nail Strips.

How to Use Glaze

Glaze simplifies the nail enhancement process with its easy-to-use gel strips, available in a variety of sizes to suit different nail shapes and sizes. 

Step 1: Preparation

First, check which pre-cut gel strip would fit each of your nails. Remove the protective plastic layer from the gel strip palette.

Step 2: Apply and Trim

Apply each gel strip onto the nail bed and use scissors to trim and match the length of your natural nails, leaving a little bit of excess. Use a nail file to precisely shave off the excess gel. 

Step 3: Cure

Using a fast-curing formula, each nail is then placed under an LED light for just 45 seconds, ensuring a quick and efficient application process. 

Recommended: Glaze Starter Kit

The Dashing Diva Glaze Starter Kit in Pale Blush is your ticket to everyday femininity with a salon-quality gel manicure at home. Going for $14, this kit includes semi-cured pale pink gel nail strips that offer mega volume and maximum shine. It also includes a mini LED lamp that is compact, portable, and powerful, with two settings (45 or 60 seconds) and an ergonomic design for easy manicure and pedicure use. The star of the show is the set of 34 semi-cured gel nail strips in 12 sizes. A nail file, a manicure stick, and two prep pads also come with the kit.

Important Tip

To ensure a secure and long-lasting application, it is important to use the wooden manicure stick provided in your Glaze kit. After applying the gel strip onto your nail bed, gently press down on the strip with the manicure stick. This action helps to seal all edges of the strip, preventing any hair or debris from catching onto the perimeter of the nail strip. This simple step not only enhances the durability of your manicure but also ensures a clean and polished finish.

Removing Gel Strips

When it is time to take the gel strips off, you can use Dashing Diva Magic Off+ Remover. This upgraded formula features niacinamide and castor oil to moisturize your nails while removing polish. It is non-damaging and serves as a gentle, soak-off alternative. The inclusion of castor oil provides ease and hydration, while niacinamide strengthens your nails. Each $5 pack includes a 30-milliliter bottle of artificial nail remover and eight wooden manicure sticks for effortless removal of most Dashing Diva products, including gel nail strips.

Whether you're a nail art enthusiast or just looking for a hassle-free way to maintain your nails, Glaze offers a convenient solution for effortless and stunning manicures.