Disney's Frozen Makeup Collection is Happening!Credit : Photo by Jayme McColgan on Unsplash

The Disney film Frozen enlightened the young spirits of the winter into our souls. Young or old, this movie just made the people ripped out the 'watch again' button on our media devices. One of the main characters in the film is Elsa. Queen Elsa became a great inspiration to the kids and even to the grown-ups that are kids at heart. Her looks became remarkable and became a big hit model on Cosplays and Halloween events all over the world. 

And now, we're back at it again!

Recently, the sequel to Disney's 2013 animated hit Frozen 2, has released the official trailer of the new movie that will be on screens this November 2019. For sure, Elsa and Anna will be everywhere again and will certainly inspire countless people of all ages still. It's not a shock that even the beauty world is fired.

Yout beauty looks can match the frosty fall colds now that Colour Pop Cosmetics and Disney have teamed up to produce two new sets of collections of cosmetics in celebration of the original film Frozen Two.

If you're not as much of a Frozen zealot like many of us, know that the story of the film consists of two sisters as one of the main characters named Elsa and Anna. Colourpop has created two collections, one for each sister and both are undeniably beaut.

The Frozen 2 Collection is drooping in silver and gold with double everything: Two nine-shade eye shadow palettes, two Gliterally Obsessed glitter gels, two lipsticks, and two Ultra Glossy Lips.

This line is so huge, and it's primarily two small makeup collections piled into one. Half of its items are inspired by Elsa with a light-blue and glittery silver theme, while the other half has a motif around Anna's signature purple and gold scheme. Every single colour in the line is brand-new, and every single item is very affordable in true Colourpop fashion.

These collections will surely sell fast. There are so many purchasing options if you want to get your hands on this limited-edition collection. As always, eye palettes will cost you $15, glitter gels and lipsticks go for $9, and the lip glosses cost $8. However, if you want to buy the entire collection as a package, you can do so for $70.

And that's not even everything! Colourpop has created "PR packages," which contain all of the Elsa-themed products or all of the Anna-themed products encased in a beautifully decorated box deserving of a top spot on your vanity. Those will sell for $38 each. This line absolutely isn't Colourpop's first venture into Disney merchandise - the brand's Villains and Princess Designer collections caused alarm, and both sold out immediately - so ready your shopping tactics accordingly.