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Top Professional Pitfalls: 5 Beauty Mistakes Not To Make At Work
It is possible to look pretty in a professional setting, but there's always that co-worker that takes things a little too far. Check out our five biggest beauty blunders for the office and tell us if you or someone you know is guilty of committing these professional pitfalls:
Janelle Monae
Celebrity Get The Look: Janelle Monae Classic Pompadour
Who hasn't always wanted to try a pompadour? This look is super glam and super gorgeous! Singer Janelle Monae has made it her signature go-to look and we can totally see why! It's fabulous! But this sophisticated pompadour is an elegant lifesaver for women on the go too. Design Essentials Master ...
Beauty Blunders To Avoid: 5 Things Not To Do This Fall With Your Makeup & Skin Care
A new season is always exciting to prepare for, but sometimes we can all get a little too carried away. Fall is slowly but surely creeping up on us and with the new crisp air, here are five tips to keep in mind before you go overboard:
Kim Kardashian
How to Look Like Your Favorite Celebrity: Plastic Surgeon Gives Tips For Choosing Your New Look Part 1
Dr. Wiener's grasp of the form and function of the human body, combined with an eye for detail makes him the most sough after expert for plastic surgery advice. Dr. Wiener was also listed as a "top surgeon" by Consumers' Research Council of America and has made numerous national and local media a...
Models Runway
Get The Runway Look: How To Walk Like A Model With Perfect Posture Part 2
Ready to walk like a professional model? It all starts with having perfect posture. Seeing the pros do it throughout fashion week, we decided to chat with a certified posture expert to learn what it takes to sit up stright with the best of them. Read Part One here. Check out what Dr. Kenneth Hans...
Energy Drink
The Dangers Of Energy Drinks: Experts Explains Why Energy Boost Beverages Cause Bad Side Effects For Your Health Part 2
Schoolis back in session, and with the demands of classes, sports, and the busy frind of life, many will look for that extra boost of energy. But food and science expert Budge Collinson warns us all to stay away from those too-good-to-be-true energy drinks. The term "energy" drink is an unfort...
Blowdry Hair
How To Make Your Blow Out Last A Full 72 Hours: Stylist Shares Secrets To The 3-Day Blow-Dry Part 2
Who knew a professional salon blowout could last you up to 72 hours? Stylist Mario Russo, that's who! Mario Russo, owner and lead stylist of Salon Mario Russo in Boston, is sharing his top tips for how to keep your blow-dry lasting. Check out Mario's second set of essential tips to make your hair...
Get Ready Quickly: Beauty On-The-Go Tips For The Busy Woman
Don't you just hate when you're running late and have to sacrifice your makeup in order to make up time? We hear you. Sitting around the beauty roundtable in our office, our team members each offered up helpful ways to try and get ready for the day in no time flat. Use these tips when you're f...
Blow Dry
How To Make Your Blow Out Last A Full 72 Hours: Stylist Shares Secrets To The 3-Day Blow-Dry
With blow-dry bars continuing to pop up all over the country, more and more women are opting for professionals to wash and style their locks; And when you're spending $35+ for a professional blow-dry, you definitely want your style to last more than just 24 hours! Mario Russo, owner and lead styl...
Busy Back to Fall Season: Expert Shares 5 Nutrients That Help You Stay Energized Part 2
Summer is officially over and its time to get back into the regular grind. But are you ready? Food and science expert Budge Collinson has some nutritional advice that can help you prepare for your busy schedule. "Replacing the nutrients that are depleted when you're active is a much smarter wa...
Jennifer Lopez
Hair How To: Professional Hair Stylist Shares Secrets For A Perfect Top Knot Bun
Who doesn't love the simple and ease of a topknot? Sure the perfect blowout or twistout are both ideal and must try styles, but when you're super busy and your hair is the last thing on your mind, you need a simple yet chic way to style it.
Busy Back to Fall Season: Expert Shares 5 Nutrients That Help You Stay Energized
Getting that last does of summer in? Who isn't! Take advantage of the heat while you still can! But while barbecues, sports leagues, family vacations, days at the beach and nights out with friends are fun, keeping up with summer recreation and maintaining a steady work schedule can be challenging...
Jon Hamm
Boyfriend Grooming 101: How To Make Your Man Look like Actor Jon Hamm From Mad Men
Do you ever find yourself wishing that the man in your life looked just a little bit more like the beyond-gorgeous Jon Hamm? Good news: we can help! We have the exclusive inside scoop on how Jon Hamm's groomer Diana Schmidtke got him red carpet ready for the Emmy Awards last week. Share them with...
Amy Poehler
Celebrity Get the Look: Amy Poehler 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards
Funny gal Amy Poehler stunned on the red carpet this past week at the Emmys. Her stylist, Alex Polillo gave us her step-by-step breakdown on Poehler's hair and how we can recreate this golden crown right at home. "For last Monday night's look, we decided to keep hair fun, playful and a little edg...
National Hair Loss Awareness Month: Women's Hair Loss Myths & Facts
In light of it being National Hair Loss Wareness Month, we wanted to share a list of the five most common hair loss myths among women that have been perpetuated by both physicians and the general public. You already know some of the hardcore statistical facts about women's hair loss, but check ou...
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