Pauley Perrette
Organic Hair Care Tips To Help Avoid Allergic Reactions To Chemicals
After the nasty allergic reaction that actress Paulette Perrette suffered after using black hair dye, the idea of organic hair care products is sounding pretty good right about now to many. It can be difficult to know if a hair care product will work for you if you don't try it. We've all tried a...
Jessica Simpson
Dry, Flat Hair: 5 Tips On How To Make Hair Healthier, Thicker, & Grow Faster
With summer finally here, our favorite warm weather activities wreak havoc on our hair. The salty ocean water, chlorine, sun, and more leaves our hair brittle and faded, with dry and itchy scalps to boot! Check out these 5 quick tips to bring your hair back to life:
Model Eating
Bad Breath Cures: Reasons For Chronic Odor & A Halitosis Remedy, Treatments & Cures Part 1
Don't ya just love that great social buzz kill, bad breath? Not! Bad breath makes any look, no matter how gorgeous, turn into a total beauty bust! Sometimes a quick brush of the teeth or life-saving mint can do the trick, but other times it can be much tougher to get rid of. "For a significant...
Rosacea Triggers, Treatment, Acne & Redness: Skin Care & Makeup Tips From a Medical Pro
Chronic redness? What you think is a major breakout could actually be diagnosed as rosacea, a skin condition that affects over 16 million Americans! Super sensitive skin and redness can be a pain, but it's always better to know what you're dealing with and have a proper diagnosis. We tapped Dr...
Greasy Hair
Summer Hair Problems: Greasy Hair & Acne Caused By Sweat And Bangs On Forehead
Despite the heat, humidity, and beaming sun, bad hair days don't have to be with you all summer long! Just ask Mario Russo, owner & lead stylist of Mario Russo . All week long, this Boston-based hair expert is sharing with us his top summer hair woes and the best solutions for fixing them. Your w...
Jennifer Aniston
Summer Hair Problems: Frizzy Hair Humidity Remedies and Faded Color Fixes
The summer brings fun, but it can also fill women everywhere with fear that the heat will ruin any chance for a decent hair moment during the warmer months. Well bad hair day gals fear not! We have tapped Mario Russo, owner & lead stylist of Mario Russo in Boston, to answer some of the most frequ...
Emotional Wellness & Intelligence: Tips & Goals To Help You Treat Pain & Feel Better About Yourself
We talk all the time about looking our best, but feeling our best is just as important. Sometimes, not knowing the truth about something of immediate importance can create some of the most intense stress, says former chronic pain sufferer Janet Komanchuk. "For me, being diagnosed with fibromya...
Eyebrow Threading, Tinting, Shapes, Arches: Get 5 Tips From Brow Expert Elke Von Freudenberg
Bold brows are still a hot beauty trend that looks like it's not going away any time soon. Celebrity Eyebrow Specialist, Elke Von Freudenberg recently shared her top secret brow tricks with BeautyPress to help us all get our brows looking fuller and thicker. Elke shares her tips on how to get the...
Hair Extensions
The Best Hair Extensions in Hollywood: How-To Methods, Cost & Secrets From Expert Kacey Welch Part Three
When a celeb needs their hair lengthened, they look no further than Kacey Welch, celebrity hair stylist, master colorist and extension expert. Welch's clients include Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, LeAnn Rimes and Kristin Cavallari. Check out part three of our interview where she shares what products wor...
Corset Training, Waist Cincher Results & Dangers: How To Lose Inches Off Your Waist
We're all for a little corset training, but some people love to go overboard. With the "Human Jessica Rabbit" creating headlines for wearing a corset 23 hours a day, the corset diet phenomenon ignited by Jessica Alba is trending once again. But, how do you safely try waist training? "There a...
Period Symptoms: U by Kotex Launches #SavetheUndies Campaign to Help Stop Unwanted Period Stains
A topic most women dare not talk about, U by Kotex is setting out to make this hush-hush issue a full blown social media campaign. #SavetheUndies! Did you know that millions of undies are ruined every year because of less than coopoerative pads? U by Kotex says they want to help us all #Sav...
Wedding Dress
What Hairstyle Is Best For Me: How to Pick Your Wedding Dress Hairstyle
We love talking beauty solutions with our experts. Often our tips come from real life experience! Just ask our friend Marlene Montanez, hair care expert from Latest Hairstyles. "When I started dress shopping for my wedding, one question that came up again and again as I tried on dresses was, 'Wha...
Panty Line
Tips For Avoiding Panty Lines: How To Choose The Right Underwear
As you start to bring out your summer wardrobe, it might be time to do a double check to ensure your underwear drawer is as cute as those rompers and short shorts you own! Visible Panty Line has got to be the most popular fashion faux pas, seen on the backsides of women everday. Often unknowingl...
Tabatha Coffey
Hair Care Expert Tabatha Coffey Gives Salon Tips For The Best Haircut For Your Face Shape & Lifestyle Part 2
More from Tabatha Coffey, hair care expert, fabulous stylist, and woman on a war path if you own a lackluster salon! Check out her tips for achieving the hair you crave below:
Tabatha Coffey
Hair Care Expert Tabatha Coffey Gives Salon Tips For The Best Haircut For Your Face Shape & Lifestyle
OMG we were excited and scared for this interview at the same time! The one and only Tabath Coffey from Bravto TV's Tabatha's Slaon Takeover gave us her expert tips on hair and w'ere like 'yes ma'am!' Check out what the no nonsense hair care genius had in store for us:
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