After the nasty allergic reaction that actress Paulette Perrette suffered after using black hair dye, the idea of organic hair care products is sounding pretty good right about now to many.

It can be difficult to know if a hair care product will work for you if you don't try it. We've all tried a new shampoo and conditioner because it promises to give hair moisture, volume and shine, only to experience no real visible change.

Why? That's because many shampoos and conditioners can contain chemicals that actually cause the damage that they might claim to repair.

What's worse is trying to read the backs of hair care products that are the ultimate stumpers and tongue twisters. Sodium lauryl sulfate and isopropyl alcohol, both common ingredients in shampoo, can leave your hair frizzy and stripped of moisture.

And monoethanolamine, commonly found in conditioners, can irritate the scalp and is known to form cancer-causing nitrates.

Pauley's experience isn't unique. Allergic reactions are common. The trigger varies from person to person, but can be caused by anything from the fragrance, preservatives, dyes, or lubricants in the formula.

Looking for something new to buy? Consider brand green&glam. For just under $30, you'll get the moisture, volume, and shine you've been thirsting for without any unnatural ingredients or chemicals in your shampoo and conditioner.

The Volumizing Shampoo gives hair a clean and natural fullness without the use of silicone, which can weigh down hair. You reap the hair care benefits with all-star organic ingredients. Sweet almond protein strengthens hair and moisturizes the scalp. Artichoke leaf extract promotes richness of color and shine, and pink grapefruit oil promotes growth.

Over anything store bought? Look to your kitchen!  We're all in favor of some good old fashioned hair care. Not only will you save big and stay well within your budget, you can customize your regimen to your liking. Skimp on the mayo in that sandwich, and use it on your hair!  

Don't believe that olive oil, coconut oil, eggs, basil and avocados in your fridge will work? Check out our Kitchen Cabinet Hair Care Tips stat!