DIY At-Home Manicure Ideas: How To Grow Longer, Stronger Nails & Prolong Your Nail Polish

Fun in the summer sun makes a lot of us forget about our nails. Ready to show your neglected digits some love?

Check out these must know nail care tips courtesy of BeautyPress for a great DIY manicure at home.

Tips & Tricks:

- Did you bang your nail before it dried? Give your fingertip a lick and dab your finger on the error, which will help even out the blunder. 

- Remove all lotion from nails by using a nail polish remover before painting them. If lotion or soap isn't removed prior to polish application, expect to have your manicure chip sooner rather than later.

- Don't paint your nails near a fan! That will create air bubbles in the polish. You could pull it off as nail art, but you'll probably just be more disappointed. 

- Make your nail color pop by first applying a coat of white polish (and letting it dry first) before coating your nails with your chosen nail color. 

Nail Care Tips:

- File your nails always after clipping, and make sure to do so in one direction. If you file to the left and the right, it can create cracks in your nails.

- There's a lot of controversy surrounding the cuticle. Instead of cutting off the cuticle, a lot of experts believe that the best thing to do is just push the cuticle back. Cutting off the cuticle will damage the fragile skin around the nail bed.

- Always use rubber gloves when washing dishes and cleaning. The chemicals in cleaners can always damage hands and nails even if you don't have a fresh manicure.

- Moisturize your hands and nails. Hand cream is great to always use daily, but show your nails a little extra love by using cuticle oil to keep the nail beds hydrated, shiny, and healthy. 

What nail tips do you have to offer up? Post them in the comments section below!

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