Selfies don't seem to be a fad at this point. If you're on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you know they're pretty much here to stay.

Some of us have mastered how to take a great selfie, leaving the rest of us to like their pics with envy. How do they do it!? How do they get their pictures perfectly positioned, with perfect lighting, a great facial pose, and all while looking effortlessly carefree?

If you're still trying to nail your selfie and get that pic just right before you post it, the Perfect365 app is here to help. Read about this free download and all its great photo enhancing features here.

The app's photographer, Caroline Tien-Spalding is also sharing her expert adivde on what to factor in before you snap that pic:

Duck for cover. "If you're taking a photo mid-day, you'll want to find a shaded spot," she shared with us. "That's when UVs are the strongest, which often causes washed out photos and harsh unflattering shadows also known as "raccoon eyes."

Work your angles baby! "The most flattering look for most people is a slight turned head, where only one ear is visible from the frame," Spalding advised. What's more, it makes you look leaner! "This will naturally slim your face and make your cheekbones pop," she said.

Watch how low you hold the camera. "If you're not careful holding the camera too low, you'll discover a double chin you never had. For most, camera at forehead level yields the best results," the expert revealed.

Show off your location. Stand in front of a landmark - the ocean, a tropical setting, even the front of your hotel - and add a little interest into the photo. "That being said, watch out for protruding building/tree parts, you don't want to look like you're growing a branch out of your head!"

What tips do you use to take a great selfie?

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