Tips for Healthy Summer Nails: How to Keep Nails Healthy, Clean & Strong
Summer is the season for rocking bright neon and cool pastel nails. With more than 90 days of outdoor fun ahead, nail junkies everywhere need to remember that bright summer sun and water fun can damage nails. "There are so many opportunities to be outdoors during the summer and, while we know to ...
Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie
Beauty Bust: 8 Things Husbands And Boyfriends Don't Pay Attention To
Ever doll yourself up not just to feel good, but also to get your guy to notice? Well it turns out all your effort might be all for naught according to Cosmopolitan Magazine writer Frank Kabola. The man who gives women insight into the male psyche recently appeared on FOX News and left us beau...
28 Days to Younger Skin: The Diet Program for Beautiful Skin This Summer
Looking for a beauty boost? This one takes 28 days and promises more beautiful skin. Why 28 days? Because according to Karen Fisher, award-winning author, former model, and nutritionist, it takes that long for your body to produce new cells in the deeper skin layers and for them to travel to th...
L.A. Hair
L.A. Hair Season 3: Stylist Anthony Pazos Shares His Top Hair Trends And Timeless Styles
Are you addicted to WE tv's L.A. Hair reality as much as we are? Thankfully, the new seaso is back and with a serious bang! We got the chance to chat up beloved cast member Anthony Pazos to get some of his coveted hair tips and celeb tresses he loves the most. Read what the reality star and hair exp...
Leann Rimes
The Perfect Hair Extensions: Methods, Cost & Secrets From Expert Kacey Welch Part Two
Need some expert insight on what extensions work for your budget? Check out what expert and stylist to the stars Kacy Welch revealed:
Vanessa Hudgens
Weekend Beauty Tips: Best Looks To Rock For Fun Festivals
So the season of the street festivals has finally arrived! Street vendors with delicious eats, jewelry, art, music, and tons of unique little finds make every fair worth while. Check out a few of our skin, hair, and makeup tips to keep in mind when you're planning to head out for a day of street fai...
Beauty's Secret Ingredient: Manuka Honey Skin Care And Health Benefits
Of the many variants of honey, New Zealand-sourced Manuka Honey is one of the most talked about recently, and for a good reason!
Maria Menounos
Go Big Or Go Home: Get Big Voluminous Hair Tips From Expert Raphael Reboh Part Two
Raphael is back with additional tips on how to get big hair the right way. Check out what the expert had to offer up below:
Eva Mendea
Go Big Or Go Home: Get Big Voluminous Hair Tips From Expert Raphael Reboh
So now that we've finally shed the winter hats and hoods, it's time to give hair the attention it deserves! And there's nothing quite like having big voluminous hair. We decided to help kick off the holiday weekend by tapping Raphael Reboh of Femme Coiffure Salon in South Beach for a few new hot tip...
Toothbrush, Mouthwash, Floss
Dental 101: Celebrity Dentist Dr. Banker Answers Your FAQ's About Teeth Part Two
Dr. Banker is back with his tried and true tips for maintaining a gorgeous smile. Check out his answers to your FAQ's below!
Dental 101: Celebrity Dentist Dr. Banker Answers Your FAQ's About Teeth
We get so many questions from readers about how to keep their pearly whites pristine, so we tapped celebrity dentist Dr. Banker to give us the 411:
How To Look Like You're Not Wearing Makeup Part Two: Tips from Beauty Expert & TV Host Rebecca Spera
The verdict is in! Natural makeup is the personal pick among men and women alike. Ready to dial back your beauty regime? Check out Part Two of our interview with Rebecca Spera, host of Mirror Mirror on the Live Well Network. Read what tips the beauty expert has to offer up below!
Facial Hair
Beauty Dilemmas: Five Causes of Female Facial Hair
Now this topic isn't one that is really talked about, but ladies we have to admit that it is a legit issue! Women like to leave all the facial hair stuff to the guys, but unfortunately, we are often plagued by it too. It's time to discuss this silent beauty woe.

 From the unwanted mustache, ...
Julianne Hough
How To Look Like You're Not Wearing Makeup: Tips from Beauty Expert & TV Host Rebecca Spera
So with the recent study out about how less makeup is actually mor eattractive to both men and women, we had to tap an expert to teach us eavy handed beautifiers how to go easy and lighten tings up. Check out what ??? had to tell us when it comes to keeping your beauty routine simple, yet sexy:
Beauty Clock
Beauty On-The-Go For Busy Women: 4 Get Ready Quick Time Savers To Try
Being beautiful on the go is possible! We were going over our respective beauty routines and found every gal has a way to make the process go by faster and turn our just as fabulous. Check out a few of our tips for making your prep time quicker and easier:
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