Summer is officially here.  So with the heat posing a threat to any perfectly coifed look, a girl's gotta have her beauty backups. Check out our top 10 beauty emergency kit essentials for the warm summer months where the chances of a beauty mishap simply multiply as the temperature rises. Cover off on this set of must-have-handy items, and you're summer should be all set. Click through the slideshow above to view a great option for each product that made the list.

Beauty wipes - Now available in convenient travel packs, opt to have a few blotting sheets and baby wipes always on hand. Blotting wipes help to soak up excess oil and remove shine from your face, without smudging makeup or leaving behind powder.  Baby wipes are great for removing makeup and cooling you down in the hot summer sun. Definitely don't leave home without these come August.

Bobby pins - A girl can never have enough of these. Keep a half dozen handy that match your hair color in case you need to glam up an outfit with an elegant updo. Pinning hair up into a chic bun, chignon, or French roll takes just a few minutes, but the fancy effect does wonders. When the heat is too much, lift your mane off your neck and skip the typical ponytail for classically stylish summer hair.

Clear nail polish - Manicures are great, but sometimes you just don't have time to get to the salon. When in between manis, a quick coat of clear nail polish can liven up a dull nail lacquer. The glossy topcoat is just what you need to hold you over until your next manicure and makes nails look new all over again.

Foldable flats - A pair of heels or open toe sandals are great until you've been in them for hours. Rather than lug around a pair of chunky sneakers or flip flops that can kill a cute look from the legs down, choose a small lightweight pair of foldable flats. Available in a wide range of colors, these foot savers fit conveniently into any clutch and will definitely come through in a painful foot clutch.

Hair mist - Don't you just hate when the fragrance you've been wearing wears off well before the day or fun summer night is done? Kill two birds with one stone using your hair mist to keep hair fresh in hot sun and as your make shift perfume. You won' have to worry about clashing scents and its one less bottle to carry.

Q-tips - Makeup mistakes happen, but no one has to know. Erase mistakes with conveniently filled makeup remover q-tips.  Simply keep them handy and pop the tip of one open if you need to correct or change your makeup, without disturbing the rest of your look.

Mini Nail Clipper - After the dreaded "I broke a nail" phrase is uttered, enter the mini nail clipper. Small and convenient, this little guy can clip and file a nail back into order. It also makes for a great pair of makeshift scissors in case of a loose strand on clothing or if you happen to buy something and need to cut the tag off. Trust, we know from experience.

Mini Deodorant - Summer. Heat. Sweat. Nuff Said.

Dissolvable Mints - These little paks sure to pack a big punch. Refresh your mouth after your morning coffee, before a meeting, or to prep for a big date. They dissolve instantly and eliminate any bad breath emergencies for a kissable summer.