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Brown Eyes Makeup Tips, Eyeliner Colors, Shadows, and Ideas to Make Your Eyes Pop

ByCortney Drakeford
May 31, 2013 11:01 AM EDT

We are always looking for ways to make our eyes pop, and sometimes it is difficult to find a shade that is specifically right for your particular eye color. Well, here at Beauty World News we plan to dedicate articles to various eyes colors star with brown.

Sharing an eye color with half of the world does not mean you should just blend in, do something to stand out and light up your eyes. Allure Magazine has some great tips on their site on how to make brown eyes stand out.

One tip towards making your eyes pop is to invest in cobalt shadow. According to makeup artist  Emily Kate Warren, "Brown is a mix of all the primary colors, so there are a lot of options."

She recommends using a vibrant blue shadow, for example Estée Lauder Pure Color Gelée Powder Eyeshadow in Fire Sapphire, for rich, dark brown eyes.

She says, "An electric shade like this really makes brown eyes pop-I just love the contrast."

Now we know this may sound weird but Eggplant Mascara is an easy way to bring out your eyes. Purple shades best enhance brown eyes with hazel flecks.

Warren said that "The eyes already have a variety of tones, so you don't need a dramatic shade to create a striking contrast."

Allure suggested Mally Beauty Volumizing Accents Mascara because not only does it flatter brown irises, but it also makes the whites of the eyes look noticeably bright.

If you are looking to be extra girly for the day, you should go for a greenish gold eye shadow.

Warren told Allure, "And don't be afraid to try different finishes."

"Green tones come in a wide range of matte and metallic shades-they'll all pick up any flecks in brown."

Our favorite shadow is MAC Cosmetics Sumptuous Olive eye shadow. The product is available on the company's site for fifteen dollars and it just a fabulous color.

Sometimes we like to stick to our safety zone and cling to neutral colors but Warren found that you can warm up a neutral shadow shade with a layer of copper shadow on the outer halves of your eyelids.

"It will highlight your eye color, and the shimmer will add a little texture," she said

Josie Maran Argan Eye Shadow in Cinnamon is a rich long wearing powder that is easy on the eyes and is infused with conditioning argan oil.

Finally we found that navy blue shadow and liner animate brown eyes. The great thing about the navy shadow is that you can pull it off in the office or for a regular day time look.  

Warren said that by using navy blue, "It creates a slight but eye-catching contrast."

You can try out Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Eyeshadow in Indigo which has a soft satin finish. It also proves to be an alternative to the classic smoky eye with a few extra swipes.

Now these are just some of the products that caught our eyes and that we have personally tried out, for more tips on how to make brown eyes pop check out

If you have any makeup tips or trick to compliment brown eyes leave a comment below.

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